Author Topic: NEAR-Fest III - Where the Action Is!!!!  (Read 2187 times)

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NEAR-Fest III - Where the Action Is!!!!
« on: April 29, 2008, 02:19:23 AM »
Only ONE DAY to go, NEAR-Fest fans!!!!

Here is the Official NEAR-Fest III map to where things are happening.

1. The Relaxation Grove - NEAR-Fest Command Central.  This is the nerve center of the hamfester.  Don't forget to deposit your ticket stubs here if you hope to win a door prize.  THE PIRATE SHIP broadcasts live on 95.1 starting at 4:00PM Thursday to 3:00 PM Saturday non-stop providing news, information and great toonage for our listening pleasure.  WHTR will also be broadcasting on 103.1 MHz and official NEAR-Fest announcements may also be heard on 650 AM as well.  It is also the venue for the Closing Ceremony and prize drawing that takes place at 2:00PM on Saturday.

2.  The Entertainment Building.  This is the place where the Forums are held and the (in)famous Friday Night NEAR-Fest "Jam".  Join us for the fun!

3.  Commercial/Industrial Buildings 1 and 2 - Plenty of Commercial vendors offering wonderful goodies for your perusal.

4.  Concession Building #2 - Even more commercial vendors.

5.  Restroom facilities. (two buildings) 

6. "The AM Corral" 

7.  Meeting Room - this is where the volunteer examinations sessions will take place on Saturday.

What more can I say?


MisterMike, W1RC