Author Topic: Please Read: The NEAR-Fest Photo Gallery  (Read 4668 times)

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Please Read: The NEAR-Fest Photo Gallery
« on: July 17, 2008, 04:13:06 AM »
Hi NEAR-Festerites:

One of the things we've been promising is a photo gallery of past NEAR-Fests.  However, it hasn't materialized.

We have been collecting photos and materials from past events and have not had the time to go through them to assemble a coherent chronology of the three 'Festers that have already taken place.  Some people have posted asking for them to be shown but frankly we haven't dome much about it for the sheer lack of time.  We all have real jobs and real lives.

My team and I truly believe that each NEAR-Fest should have it's unique character and identity.  Nevertheless I fear that as we proceed forward beyond NEAR-Fest IV that they will all kinda "run together" which will be unfortunate.  Do you remember the difference between the Fall 2005 Hosstraders and October 2006?  They were very different!  Every NEAR-Fest should be memorable for it's own unique characteristics and the "Photo Gallery" should help us remember them individually for the great times we had at that event.  This concept is of great importance to the entire team.

This is one of the reasons I have retained the message boards from each event. 

I wll start reviewing the photos on hand and select a suitable number to display as "best of show".  Maybe I'll form a panel of volunteers who are photogs to help choose.  Wanna help?

Although we did receive a lot of photos and even videos from previous events we need more, particularly from NEAR-Fest III.  I didn't take any myself and have only received a few so if you have any good pics please e-mail me.