Author Topic: A Trip Down Memory Lane - Some Vintage Hamfest Flyers  (Read 7832 times)

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A Trip Down Memory Lane - Some Vintage Hamfest Flyers
« on: September 24, 2008, 08:34:49 AM »
I found a bunch of hamfest and flea market flyers from the past including a few from Hosstraders.  Most are 25 years old or older but I still remember going to these and perhaps you do too.

The 4th Hosstraders, May 7th 1977, first one at Deerfield Fairgrounds.  Admission was .75 cents.  Were you there?

Six years later, the 10th Hosstraders, May 7th 1983.  The admission cost had risen to a buck.  Guess they got tired of carrying around all those quarters to make change.

The first Fall Hosstraders, October 8th 1983.  I remember it well!

Some of you may remember the Honeywell Auction in Billerica MA  This flyer is from November 1983.  Boy did we get a lot of great deals there!  Legend has it that the idea for Hosstraders was first conceived at this event in the early '70s.

Then there is the FARA Hamfest at Framingham, Sunday, October 30th 1983.  This venerable hamfest still being held but only once a year now in the spring.

Last but not least, there was the "Heavy Hitters" hamfest held at the Topsfield (MA) Fairgrounds.  There were only two of them but they are still a fond memory.  Thanks to Eliot, W1MJ, for providing the flyers.

These old flyers bring back memories to a time when hamfests and flea markets were THE place to go to buy, sell, swap, socialize; back before ePay and online commerce took most of the fun out of it. 

Fortunately we still have the NEAR-Fester twice a year.  Please continue to support it by attending it at least once a year.  Otherwise all that may be left is the flyers.......


Mister Mike, W1RC