Author Topic: Obtaining Tickets by Mail, Where To Buy Them in Person.  (Read 27531 times)

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Obtaining Tickets by Mail, Where To Buy Them in Person.
« on: September 25, 2008, 10:28:27 AM »
Regular admission, tailgating and camping passes will be available at the Fairgrounds starting Friday April 28th 2023 at 7:00 AM through Saturday October 29th at noon.

Advance tickets and parking passes:  Please note that camping and tenting passes are NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN ADVANCE. They must be purchased on-site starting on Thursday afternoon, April 27th 2023.  Also note that Thursday overnight parking is not permitted anywhere on the grounds except in the campground..  All vehicles must park overnight in the campground and pay the appropriate fee.

You may order admission tickets and inside parking passes online or by MAIL.  Order online at  We are phasing out our tickets by mail operation. Online orders received by October 1st will have tickets mailed out. After this date they will be available on a "will call" basis at the gate.

Advance admission tickets and inside parking permits are also available at HAM RADIO OUTLET in Salem NH but must be paid for IN CASH only.  This means no credit card payments can be accepted. Thanks to the store manager for helping us with advance ticket presales.  They are also available on the South Shore at Ross Hochstrassers shop at 40 Walnut Street in Whitman MA (see below).

TICKETS: (people)


General Admission Tickets (good for both days)                   $10.00 in advance, $15.00 at the gate.

under 18 years of age, students, significant others
not licensed:                                                                       FREE                             
(may be required to show ID)

PASSES (vehicles)

Inside Parking Pass for all  vehicles                                      $10.00       
entering the Fairgrounds for tailgating or
simply parking inside.  There is no additional
charge for a reasonable number of selling
spaces.  Please note that this rate is for
own personal unneeded items.  Anyone else
will  be considered a "COMMERCIAL VENDOR"
(you know who you are).  You will be required
to register and pay the appropriate fee.

Outside parking                                              no charge
(parking for thousands of vehicles)

Overnight camping on-site is available.  Please see this article for full information:
AGAIN, PLEASE READ AND NOTE: All advance tickets will be sold at selected hamfests and flea markets, at the Ham Radio Outlet store in Salem NH, at Ross Hochstrasser?s Clock Workshop, 40 Walnut Street, Whitman MA.  Starting in March 2023 you will be able to pay for admission tickets and inside parking passes with debit or credit cards either at any hamfests or flea markets that we attend or on site,  However this convenience does not apply to purchases at HRO ot Ross Hochstrassers shop or for any overnight camping/tent passes. 
SHAMELESS PLUG:  Ross can repair and restore that family heirloom clock that hasn?t worked for years so why not bring it along when you pick up your tickets?  Also at the Deerfield Fairgrounds campground starting at 3:00 PM on Thursday October 13th.