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NEAR-Fest General Policies and Standards of Conduct
« on: February 01, 2014, 02:38:56 AM »
Once again I am reminding everyone to leave their old computer CRT monitors and non-electronic goods at home.  Remember, you are required to remove all unsold items from the Grounds when you leave.  It is our responsibility to return the Grounds to the Fair Association in PRISTINE condition if we want to be welcome back next time.  We take this responsibility VERY SERIOUSLY and we monitor the grounds constantly. 

Anyone found trying to conceal or otherwise attempting to get rid of "junk" or garbage will be advised in no uncertain terms of our policies and required to remove their materials forthwith.  Repeat offenders run the risk of being seriously embarrassed publically before being unceremoniously ejected from the Fairgrounds permanently. 

Once you're out you're never back in!

Finally, I reiterate the now-standard Caveat and Warning:

The Fairground Committee rules clearly state: 

1.  NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY.   The Town of Deerfield has a "No Open Container" by-law.  According to the Deerfield Police Chief,  violation is an "arrestable offense".


This is clearly stated in our Contract with the Deerfield Fair Association we signed in order to rent their Fairgrounds to hold this event.   All persons intending on cooking outdoors must read the policies regarding same as to what equipment is acceptable and what is not.  Ignorance is NO excuse.   Any questions as to what is acceptable and what is not may be addressed to our Fire Warden, Jim, K1JHM.  If you're doing anything that is not acceptable rest assured they'll find you!  Read the rules regarding outdoor cooking and smoking inside any of the buildings:

If in doubt ASK FIRST!!!!

Any questions or comments relative to the above should be addressed to the NEAR-Fest Sergeant-at-Arms, Paul DePetrillo, W1PRA,  One of Paulie's most valuable talents is that he can explain anything to anybody in terms that individual will most certainly understand.

Looks like a lot of rules but it's really just common sense.  The Fair Committee is trusting us to take care of their grounds and we will never betray that trust.  Observance of their rules is required if we intend on using these grounds on an on-going basis.  We have been welcome here for fourteen years and we plan on staying here for a long time!  So before you do anything stupid remember John Flood?s words: ?Do you want to be known for all time as the person who got us kicked out of Deerfield???


Mister Mike, W1RC