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Fair Association Contract - MUST READ!!!!!
« on: April 03, 2007, 11:21:19 AM »
There have been a LOT of rumors and discussions about the "rules" floating around and it's time to dispel them once and for all.

Probably the best way to do this is to make public the contract I have signed with the Deerfield Fair Association.  Of particular interest is the Attachment that is unique and specific to the May NEAR-Fest event.

Please read and be advised that the last clause (highlighted) clearly states that if we don't behave ourselves in May the Fair Association can and will unilaterally cancel our contract for October 12th and 13th 2007.  Whether or not we like or agree with them we are all bound to respect and follow them as well as complying with State laws as a condition for our use of these grounds.

Many of us have hoped for almost fifteen years that one day we might have another opportunity to go back to the Deerfield Fairgrounds.  May 4th 2007 is that opportunity.  The Hosstraders said many times that they were never going back to Deerfield but since they are no longer conducting an event the new leadership took a chance and you know the rest.  Our success has been met with the highest approval and satisfaction by the amateur radio community in New England, the Northeast US and Canada.  You have indicated their support and confidence in us by sending payment for tickets and passes well in advance of the date.  By doing this you are making it possible for The NEAR-Fest to be more than just casual talk and an idle dream.   Since I announced the NEAR-Fest would be held at Deerfield this Spring I know there are many happy people eagerly looking forward to May 4th.   Mike, K1TWF, Ed, N1IWV and I look forward to a long and happy relationship with the Fair Association thus making possible many more such events. 

So, let's all use our heads and conduct ourselves responsibly and make sure that all others do likewise.  Hey, we were always on our best behaviour on the first date, remember?  Let common sense prevail.  If you see anybody veering towards the edge pull him or her aside and tell them clearly in unmistakable terms that their actions may be jeopardizing the future of our event and that this is simply unacceptable to everyone else in attendance.  A little bit of peer pressure goes a long way in this regard.

Ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse.  Miscreants will be warned and if their unacceptable behavior continues they face ejection from the grounds and possibly being barred from attending future events. 

The Hosstraders never did confide in me as to the reason behind their statement that they "were never going back to Deerfield" and I didn't probe for details.  I only can speak about my own limited experiences thus far with the present day adminstration and in particular with my contact person on the Board.  He has shown himself to be a fair and reasonable man and I do not see any problems working with this gentleman now and in the future so the NEAR-Fest can continue so long as we follow the rules and respect their wonderful Fairgrounds.

I and the members of the NEAR-Fest team want to provide you all with a the highest quality event that will produce fond memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.  We don't have the time to be running around playing baby-sitter and policeman to adults who should know better.  After all we're doing this because we want to enjoy the 'Fest like everybody else.

Any questions, please post them here.