Author Topic: More United Airline Screwups......Paying Passenger Beaten and Dragged Off Plane.  (Read 2924 times)

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Looks like United's latest PR disaster, removing a fare-paying passenger by beating him mercilessly has cost the airline BIG TIME - over a BILLION bucks........

Here is the raw video taken by a passenger using his iPhone......

Stupid assholes.  When will they finally realize there are MILLIONS of high-resolution broadcast quality video cameras I peoples' smart phones capturing anything and everything that goes on.  Once these videos are posted online they replicate like rabbits and they never go away.

Now the doc is suing the airline along with the Chicago cops whose employees actually dragged him of the plane for big bucks.  Then United's lawyers dig up some dirt on the doc and revealed he was convicted in Kentucky in 2004 for selling prescription drugs for sex and lost his license to'practice medicine.  So what does that have to do with him being dragged off the plane and publicaly humiliated?

Can't pull this shit anymore.