Author Topic: Meet the "Usual Suspects" - The Folks Behind The NEAR-Fest!!!  (Read 3628 times)

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Up to this point in time my name and callsign have been the only one you have seen as the person responsible for organizing the NEAR-Fest at Deerfield.  Many of you must be wondering if anyone else is working behind the scenes to make this event a reality.  I assure you there are many others involved all of whom are well experienced in their particular field of expertise.   This event that we look forward to with eager anticipation only four weeks away and NEAR-Fest would simply not be taking place without them.  I feel it is high time to reveal the rest of the gang of "usual suspects" and I take great pleasure in introducing them to you at this time.

NEAR-Fest Director of Operations: Michael Raisbeck, K1TWF, Chelmsford MA

Mike is in charge of the NEAR-Fest once we actually take over the Fairgrounds ay 0600 on Friday May 4th, coordinating all the volunteer workers and making sure that everyone is on the same sheet of music and all singing on key.  Mike is the Convention Chairman of the Boxborough MA ARRL New England Convention and, having done three of them in this capacity you may rest assured he knows what he’s doing. Mike is also the NEAR-Fest General Counsel to make sure that everything we do is legal and we're covered.  If you want to assist the effort, even for short period while we’re at Deerfield he’s the one to contact. I promise you "Twoof" will find something for you to do.

NEAR-Fest Treasurer & Commercial Exhibitor Director: Ed Anderson, N1IWV, Chelmsford MA.

Ed has the biggest, most difficult, thankless jobs and undoubtedly the ones with the greatest headache potential.  He counts the beans and takes care of them as well as trying to keep all the commercial exhibitors/vendors happy and smili This is a phenomenal juggling act to say the least; truly a Mission Impossible!  I don't envy his position and we couldn't do this without him.  Ed is the Treasurer and in charge of the Commercial Exhibitors at the Boxborough MA ARRL New England Convention and he’s a pro!  So when you see him wandering in a bit of a daze through the grounds please say "hi" to him and give him a diet Coke or something.

NEAR-Fest Webmeister and Forum Administrator: Gary Burrows, W2INR Syracuse NY.

Gary has been involved with the NEAR-Fest idea since its very inception.  It is he who created and administers the NEAR-Fest's official communications source; the Web site and this invaluable forum.   He also runs the very popular site which by sheer coincidence is linked to this one.  Check it out!

NEAR-Fest Director of On-Site Communications and Chief Engineer:  Timothy M Smith, WA1HLR Skowhegan ME   3.885 kc plus or minus

If you don’t know ‘Da Tron by now I assure you that by Saturday afternoon,  May 5th you will  What more can I say?  Tim will be in charge of designing a unique public address system and the crew of volunteer announcers as well as producing some distinctive programming for your listening enjoyment.

Then there’s Clem, VE2BIA and Leo, VE2SI who have been spreading the word north of the border in both official languages  Todd KA1KAQ has assisted me greatly with some of the initial planning.   Joe, K1JEK and Kurt W1OBQ are helping us immensely by selling tickets and passes at flea markets to raise the buckolas needed to pay the rent so they’ll actually open the gates on Friday morning and let us in.

And there are more to come……………………….many more!!!

Of course there's each and every one of you who send your money for tickets and passes in advance which provides the revenue to make this happen.



MrMike, W1RC