Author Topic: Special Offer for our Commercial Vendors from The Pirate Ship 95.1 FM  (Read 4996 times)

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Commercial vendors attending NEAR-Fest have available to them free broadcast promotions during the entire event.  As part of our broadcast operations, we want to promote specials and attempt to push traffic into the commercial buildings.  If any vendors have promos they want aired, here's what we need:

1) Name of representative from vendor
2) promotion/info the vendor might want broadcast
3) The general location of the vendor on the grounds (ie. what building etc)
4) name of vendor (if a company etc)
5) special pricing, etc of promotion.

We also plan on attempting to run remote promotions if we have enough staff to pull it off. ie. sending a team member to the vendor and put them on the air live and do a short dib on their special.

We will be emphasizing this activity with all our team members to try to pitch and sell products and services the vendors will have on site.  We plan on broadcasting this info at regular intervals throughout the fest, but especially between 8AM and 9AM Friday morning while everyone is waiting at the gates.

Send me a private message and I'll also include a cellphone number vendors can use to broadcast "last minute" or spontaneous specials.

All this will be aired on 95.1FM, The Pirate Ship.

For additional information please see the Special Vendor Packet Information below.
John M. Goran K1JJS
NEAR-Fest Director of Commercial Operations