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HELP WANTED: Volunteers Needed to Help Run NEAR-Fest.......
« on: April 11, 2007, 02:00:44 AM »
Since March 16th when we announced that the NEAR-Fest would take place at Deerfield Fairgrounds we have raised almost all the capital needed to finance the event.  Pre-sales of tickets and vehicular passes have accounted for 100% of this revenue.  Money from ticket sales continues to pour in daily and we are grateful to the amateur radio community for their confidence.  We promise you all that we will not disappoint anyone with what we have planned!

However it takes more than just the money to run an event of this magnitude.

We are now starting to concentrate on planning the event from a standpoint of what will take place on-site to ensure this event run as smoothly and successfully as possible.    Mike Raisbeck, K1TWF is the NEAR-Fest Director of Operations and is in complete charge of the actual on-site aspect of the NEAR-Fest.  As General Chairman of the ARRL New England Convention at Boxborough MA for three terms he is well experienced in this regard and we are very fortunate to have him working with us in this capacity.

Mike says the most valuable resource he will have is the people who are working with him to make this happen.  Without good people helping out this an event of this magnitude simply does not happen.

Part of his responsibilities are to organize and coordinate a pool of reliable volunteers who can execute the various tasks which are required.  These include traffic control, ticket sales, site monitoring and fairgrounds management to mention a few.

If you are interested in helping us with ensuring the success of NEAR-Fest now is the time to let Mike know.  There will be some perks to helping out for a few hours but none will equal the satisfaction of knowing that your participation really did make a difference.

Mike needs to know certain information for each person who can commit a couple hours of their time to help us pull this off smoothly.   He needs:

            Email address
            Phone number
           Special skills or talents

I would very much appreciate it if you would e-mail him by the end of this week. 

His address is:

By providing the information requested above you will help him immensely in coordinating and planning the best way to use our volunteer teams as effectively and efficiently as possible.