Author Topic: Welcome to the Fall 2010 Deerfield HAMfest!  (Read 5421 times)

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Welcome to the Fall 2010 Deerfield HAMfest!
« on: October 14, 2010, 01:11:57 AM »
Welcome to the Fall 2010 Deerfield HAMfest!Welcome to the Fall 2010 Deerfield HAMfest!Welcome to the Fall 2010 Deerfield HAMfest!

Hello all,

It's only a few days away and we'll be back at the Deerfield Fairgrounds for what we've all come to know, love, and call, as, 'Hosstraders'. This will be my 35th year attending this event, and it all started for me here at the Deerfield Fairgrounds. (I missed the first 3 years in Seabrook.)

Hope to see many of my fraternal buddies come rain or shine. Over the years we have seen torrential down pours, snow, blistering heat, and great weather, but one thing was always sure, and that was that we all got to see our Amateur Radio family. Through the years the family has grown to thousands, with SK's (Silent Keys) leaving us, and new faces joining us. Whatever the weather, it's a twice a year event that has become tradition for decades (almost 4 decades) in the New England HAM Radio community.

I look forward to seeing all my old buddies, and meeting new ones too. Hope to see YOU Friday & Saturday at the best HAMfest around. (And, I've attended HAMfests all across the USA, plus many in other Countries over the last 35+ years.)

Don't forget, there are plenty of indoor activities that will be happening during the 2 days at the fairgrounds. Check out the schedule of events and happenings:

CLICK HERE:  >>> <<<

CLICK HERE:  >>> <<<

See YOU somewhere on the fairgrounds!

Sincere  7 3,

Carl - WA1ZCQ