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Jam-Fest IX - Challenge
« on: January 28, 2011, 12:11:34 PM »

So it's officially 90 days before our infamous Near-Fest (IX) "Ham-Jam".
It's also time to start thinking about what songs you'd like to play with
your peers on this great event.

I'd like to propose a challenge to all capable musicians to be more
"proactive" this season. Instead of taking a back seat and just seeing
what happens, I'd like everyone to make an effort to take ownership of
what they'd like to play (or what gets played) and to have your
suggestions heard here.

We shouldn't always expect the same two or three people to try to come up
with enough music to play for everyone. So the more you actively participate
in the whole process, the more fun it can be for everyone!

It's assumed that we *all* have busy lives & schedules and our time is
very valuable. But by taking an active role, you give everyone enough
time to choose and to work on the music of their liking.

So.. What Play You?

Musical qualities to live by:

Professionalism, Commitment and as the Cub Scout's Motto says: To "Do Your Best!".

Never do anything Half-Fast!