Author Topic: The "Other" Nearfest 2011 - Cancelled.  (Read 3446 times)

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The "Other" Nearfest 2011 - Cancelled.
« on: May 11, 2011, 01:36:03 AM »

"It is our sad duty to inform you that 2011 edition of the North East Art Rock Festival has been canceled due to insufficient ticket sales. This unfortunate result is likely the product of lower-than-expected interest in a transitional lineup of talented international acts combined with a slow-to-rebound U.S. economy. Despite utilizing our well-established avenues of communication and traditional revenue streams, including the annual Patron Program, it has become apparent to the five of us that ceasing operation of NEARfest 2011 is truly the only recourse."

The Northeast Art Rock Festival ran from 1999 - 2010.  It was a really BIG event. 


Don't let this happen to us!