Author Topic: NEAR-Fest Does It Again!!!!!"Friday Night "Jam Session" Revived!!!!!!  (Read 3389 times)

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Those of you who go back to attending Hosstraders at Rochester NH (aka Rain-chester, Rotten-chester, etc) will fondly remember the Friday Night Jam Session orchestrated  in the Rec Hall .  It usually went until around midnight and only ended after the Rochester police made their second request for us to hang it up and go to bed.  Who can ever forget Tomtron's renditions of "Piss Weak Mobile Blues" as the grand finale?  When the event moved to Hopkinton Fairgrounds the Jam Session kinda fell by the wayside and was sadly left behind.  I'm not sure why but that tradition didn't make it to Hopkinton.

Well, friends I'm glad to report that the Friday Night "Jam Session" is BACK!   Deerfield is where the Jam Session started in the 1980s and so it seems very appropriate that it is at Deerfield that it is revived.

Here's your cue all you amateur (and not so amateur) musicians.  Bring your instruments and let the first NEAR-Fest Jam Session rock the Deerfield hills until the wee hours.  We have use of the Show Stage if we want or it can be at the Green in the Command Center, aka the Relaxation Area.  It depends on where the lighting is good.  Remember, at Deerfield there are NO neighbors to disturb or complain.  There's nothing in the Fair Association's rules that says we can't make some noise!

I've started a topic in the NEAR-Fest Discussion Group so you musicians can coordinate with each other as to what to bring, play, or whatever.  Maybe one of the FM Micro-broadcasters would be able to carry it live on their station. 

At NEAR-Fest we are limited only by our own imaginations!

Only a week to go.................................It's hard to believe that this is really happening.  We're psyched!!!!