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« on: April 27, 2007, 10:30:46 AM »
The deadline for mailing requests for tickets and passes has passed.  I can no longer guarantee delivery before Thursday so PLEASE do not mail any requests.  We cannot have tickets waiting at the gate for you as we simply do not have the manpower to provide this service.  There is a database of all ticket mail requests received so if you mailed your request before the deadline you are covered in case your tickets did not arrive.  However if your name is not on the list it means we didn't receive your request.  We will respond appropriately to people who tell us they mailed their request after the deadline and didn't receive their tickets.

Some have asked the difference between a ticket and a pass.  An Admission Ticket is for people.  Everyone needs one. A Vehicular Pass allows you to drive your car, truck, van, RV or motorhome inside the fairgrounds and park in the tailgating area.  It also functions as a seller's pass.

Tickets will be available at the gate and cost $10.00 from Friday 0900 - 1500.  After 1500 the price drops to $5.00 until 11:00 on Saturday after which time the gate will no longer be staffed.

Passes are color-coded as follows:                                  Entrance Gates

BLUE - OFFICIAL for NEAR-Fest Staff and Management        GATES A, E & F


RED - Prepaid Inside Parking/Tailgate                                GATES E & F

GREEN - General Inside Parking/Tailgate                             GATE E

See this cool aerial map for gate locations:

The full Friday morning entry procedure is detailed in this article:

Hope this answers all questions about tickets and passes.


MrMike, W1RC