Author Topic: Thanks to All the Jam-sters For Pitching In!!  (Read 3576 times)

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Thanks to All the Jam-sters For Pitching In!!
« on: April 29, 2012, 07:26:38 PM »
In the light of Brian's sad announcement the NEAR-Fest "Central Committee" and I would like to thank all those who are stepping forward with offers of help and assistance.  Bri will be sadly missed at NEAR-Fest XI but the concept of "family first" must reign supreme.  I have asked Rick to coordinate things which means that essentially he is in charge and directly responsible to me for keeping the Entertainment Building clean and ready for the forums on Saturday.  So essentially, anything he requests is like coming from me.

It has been said that "Twenty percent of the people do eighty percent of the work".  We need a higher ratio.  There is muchwork  to do running an event such as NEAR-Fest.

We, the NEAR-Fest Founders, are getting old and tire a lot easier than we used to.  There have been some major changes at the "Board" level too.  There are some new people running the show, albeit many are behind the scenes.  Some are visible; others are not.  So please look for opportunities to help someone working on some aspect of the 'Fester.  Everyone needs to pitch in going forward if we want it to continue as it has been going.  We are all very fortunate to have such a wonderful event twice a year but that's because we all want it so badly.   

As Bri so aptly put it"

"Don't be a Dick!"

See you all in a few days.


Mister Mike, W1RC