Author Topic: Why is NEAR-Fest Held Friday and Saturday???  (Read 8328 times)

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Why is NEAR-Fest Held Friday and Saturday???
« on: April 22, 2007, 06:41:56 AM »
Several people have asked this question: "Why Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday?"
Some people seem to prefer the latter and from time to time I am asked if we'd consider changing. 

The answer is NO.  Here's why:

We want to maintain the wonderful tradition of the Spring and Fall get-togethers started by THE HOSSTRADERS in 1973 without changing it more than we have to.  Friday and Saturday is part of that tradition.  Three days is too much for most of us to be away from family and home.  Our wives/husbands/significant others would surely object strenuously and loudly.

The reason Hosstraders was held on Friday and Saturday is because originally the event was a one-day event the second Saturday in May from the crack of dawn to the late afternoon.  As the event became wider known people started arriving earlier and earlier so it reached a point where some were arriving at the Fairgrounds Friday evening, then Friday afternoon.  The Fair Association people obviously took note of this and eventually wanted another day's rent for the grounds which was reasonable.  So the Hosstraders figured that since they were going to be paying for a second day anyways they might as well start the fest at 9:00AM on Friday.  We used to pay $20.00 per person on Friday until 3:00 PM when it was reduced to $5.00.

As far as changing the event to sometime in June - sorry, this is not an option.  There are a lot of events scheduled then and we'd probably never get the fairgrounds.  First weekend in May and second weekend in October is when it is (hopefully for many years to come).  Plan your life accordingly. We've been doing just that for a lotta years.