Author Topic: **REMINDER** Free Equipment Transport/No Cruising the Grounds in your Vehicle  (Read 6122 times)

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Todd, KA1KAQ

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For the safety of all, we remind you that, as has always been the case at NEAR-Fest, driving around inside the fairgrounds is prohibited. If you are a seller or otherwise bring your vehicle into the grounds, you are expected to park your vehicle and remain parked until you leave the grounds. This means no driving around the event shopping from your vehicle.

If you purchase or are dropping off a heavy item that requires a vehicle to move, please visit the Command Center RV located by the Relaxation Grove, or ask one of the NEAR-Fest team for assistance. We will pick up up your purchase with a Staff cart and move it to your vehicle for you, free of charge.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping NEAR-Fest safe for all.