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Title: What's happened to the Jam?
Post by: Bri on October 02, 2019, 09:35:10 PM
Good evening everyone (or or those 3 people who actually read this board these days)

Bri Here. I used to (back in the day) try to coordinate the jam at Nearfest.
I'm a bit disappointed on how it's turned out. The lack of involvement in the jam, the lack of posting on this board and the lack of camaraderie for our players. Most of the jammers are not and have never been professionals musicians but many have put their heart and soul and many hours practicing hoping to bring anyone who happens by the entertainment building a smile or a hell yeah.

I wish you could all experience what the jam was like when Elliot hosted it in Rochester, or Wes in Hopkinton. I miss playing with many of you and I miss going to the Fest, but some of us need more than the same broken songs from yesteryear.

Players used to challenge each other and we welcomed (tolerated??) ALL PLAYERS (me included).

I'm also disappointed in the lack of recognition for the jam.
Other than the forum you would never know that there was a jam. No pictures in the gallery, no videos in the video section, no mention on the Facebag site, (Hmmm... did we suck that bad?) Yet when I look at the Fest site stats we are among the MOST viewed and MOST posts.

Yes i Know Nearfest is about Ham-radio for many attendees but the side interests spread out into all avenues of technology. Just like music. How can we open this up to a broader audience? Maybe you don't want to.

If you want it to be the little rascals "He-Man's Woman Haters club" and just keep it radio;  so be it. I'll find other places to take my ball and play as others have. If not, step up, chime in, help out.

Lastly, A shout out to the following people in no particular order.
John D. Cliffy, Don, Adam 1, Adam 2, Bob (Accordian guy from PA.), Nolan, Rick, Bob (keyboard guy), Harp guy, Raj, Bill, Scott, John from NY, Steve, Wes, Dale, Rich, Genny and Ben.

Miss you all.