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Title: Guide to Online SDR Shortwave Listening!
Post by: W1RC on June 25, 2022, 04:51:59 AM
Interesting web page!!!

Also of interest is the Reverse Beacon Network

The RBN is a network of stations that listen to the bands and report what stations they hear, including when and how well. The website's database of past spots allows operators to instantly find what stations (from any given country or zone) have been heard, at what times, and on what frequencies. Operators can also see when they have been spotted, who spotted them, and how loud the contact was.

There is an option to compare your signal with those of friends and competitors, in near real time, or look at historical data of previous transmissions. If you wonder how your signal compared to others' during a previous contest, the website's Signal Comparison Tool will provide real, quantitative data. For an instant report, query what stations you want to compare, based on signals heard by a given reverse beacon on a certain band at a certain time.

Title: Guide to KiwiSDR Online.
Post by: W1RC on July 09, 2022, 05:16:22 PM
KiwiSDR is web browser based so anyone can use it.  The whole setup fits in the palm of your hand.

Access KiwiSDR receivers here:

List/map of receivers:

List of KiwiSDRs:

World Map: or

The Ultimate KiwiSDR site: (map, sortable list, signal strength, propagation info, more)

The Kiwi is different from other SDRs. It is a standalone device that attaches to your local network and is optionally accessed through the Internet. A browser is used to connect to the user interface. Most other SDRs generate raw IQ data and need to be connected directly to a PC or laptop running OS-specific, installed software.

How to Use KiwiSDR:

Introduction to Using KiwiSDR:

KiwiSDR Operating Information

Want to set one up at your QTH?  You will have to wait a bit because all sources are out of stock.  But plan on spending about USD $350.00 or so.

Martin Lynch & Sons in the UK has them in stock and will ship worldwide.  Current price is ?216.63 plus ?18.00 shipping to US and Canada.

Setting it up: