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Title: Public WiFi
Post by: K1WIZ on March 17, 2011, 11:29:45 PM
Hi everyone,

I will have a public wifi network available for use by anyone who may have PCs, note/netbooks, and/or tablet computers while they stay and enjoy NearFest. 

The SSID (Network Name) of the system will be K1WIZ and will be an open network which only requires a voucher to be purchased for access.  No WEP or WPA keys will be required.  Any wifi card will work on this system.

The node will be near the relaxation grove and setup with an elevated 15db base antenna so if you can see the grove area, it's a sure bet you can make use of the system.  Instructions for gaining access will be easy to get: just open your device, connect to K1WIZ and read the info on the portal on how to obtain a voucher code.  Once you have a voucher code, simply enter it on the page and the system will connect you.

Two types of vouchers will be offered:

1 Hour pass for $3.00
5 Hour pass for $10.00

Acceptable forms of payment on site will be cash, debit, or credit - same price.  Buy as many vouchers as you wish.  A voucher is activated the moment you first sign in with it and will expire in the allotted time AFTER the initial logon. 

This system works with any wifi device that has a web browser in which you enter your voucher code after connecting to K1WIZ

Instructions on how to buy the vouchers will be on the K1WIZ node when you first connect. 
Title: Re: Public WiFi
Post by: W1IMQ on April 01, 2011, 06:54:27 PM
Sure beats lugging a truckload of used ham gear to sell !
Great idea and a good service. Good luck.
73, Tom W1IMQ