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NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Re: Ham Jam
« Last post by AA2OZ on September 26, 2023, 09:38:41 PM »
Awesome! Great poster Rick.
I am in. Let's Rawk.

Possibly off topic - I am finally ready to part with some of my "better" musical stuff. My car space is limited and I don't want to subject some of this gear to unnecessary abuse. If you might be interested in any of the following please let me know by private email at I will be happy to send photos or speak with you by phone. I will need to get pretty close to the asking price so please no really lowball offers on these items. No obligation. I just dont want to drag these around if there is no interest.

-Late 70's Fender Deluxe Reverb. Real deal handwired Fender. Not a PCB reissue. Good "player" condition. Sounds exactly like you would expect.  $1200 firm.

-1965 Ampeg Jet J12. 15W. Original, not reissue. Sounds very cool and has a nice early breaup. EC. $400.

-Early 80's Fender Super 60. US made all tube 60W combo. Immaculate condition. It does the classic loud Fender clean tone very well. $350.

-Early 80's Dean Markley CD-60. 60W all tube combo. Original, not reissue.  Any tone you want is here. VGC, $325.

-Fender Blues Jr. 15W tube combo. I brought this to the last jam. It sounded great when other people played through it! Not too heavy, not too loud. Excellent condition. $350.

-Gibson custom shop ES-139. Black semi-hollowbody single cutaway guitar. Comes with original Gibson gig bag and certificate of authenticity. $1100.

-Fender B-Bender Telecaster. 1995. Very unique American standard Telecaster with a factory installed Parsons-Green B bender. Immaculate condition. $1400.

Possibly more to follow, if I don't get yelled at. See everyone soon!

John AC2XN

NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Ham Jam
« Last post by Whoz Your Daddy on September 21, 2023, 09:29:29 PM »
The "Ham Jam" is just a little extra fun to have at Near-Fest.
Happening Friday night! At Near-fest In Deerfield, NH!
Ham Jam is an "Open to all" get together.
Do you play an Instrument or sing?
Or Just come and listen...
If you have a song or two you'd like to do, post it here.
Keep in mind we have all different skill levels. So if possible bring a lyric & chord sheet for your song(s).
Remember the Ham Jam is all about FUN not perfection!
Bill M! Will be bringing his electronic drum kit . We usually have a few drummers and take turns playing. If you're a drummer and would like to play, just ask.
I will be bringing a PA! (For Electronic drums & a Couple few Mics)
Please bring your SMALL Amp for your instruments. No volume battles Please!
For first timers... Thanks to the Mr. Phil & Near-fest Team we have a nice warm building with plenty of seating for Jammers and audience.
So even if you don't play come join us!
Usually, we start around 8:30pm Friday! (8pm Setup Drums & PA)
Any question or comments post here!
Hope to see you all for another great Near-Fest!

NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Re: presentations
« Last post by n1bus on September 08, 2023, 12:56:34 PM »
Thanks,I have sent him an email. My thoughts are to make it an interactive forum, having audience participation, that way its not just me giving a boring lecture type presentation. For shopm practices I would like to share some of the little tricks I have found over the years that make things easier and safer.
From Tom Perera W1TP: You might enjoy a look at the talk on "Disappearing Ham Radio History" that I gave at the NE ARRL 2023 conference in Marlboro, MA. It brings back some of the good old days of ham radio:
NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Re: presentations
« Last post by W1RC on September 08, 2023, 02:51:25 AM »
Great idea??. Get in touch with Mitch, W1SJ (
Technical Stuff / Re: How to Convert a MOTOROLA XPR6580 for Amateur Use
« Last post by W1RC on August 22, 2023, 08:52:42 PM »
MOTOTRBO out of band modification for the 800/900 MHz radios, to put them on the 902/927 MHz Analog Ham frequencies. (XPR 6580 & XPR 4580)
Here is a simple, yet effective out-of-band modification for Motorola MOTOTRBO radios. Please note that once this mod is performed, you must use the backup file created for any future editing out of band. Any attempt to read the radio via the CPS will automatically restore default values instead of the incorrect, out of band frequency entries, and the process will have to be repeated.
Perform this mod at your own risk! And please do not ask me for software. Register and purchase the software from Motorola at <>
This process can get a bit tedious and repetitive, but it does work.
1. Download and install {HxD}, an excellent free HEX editor. <>
2. Launch Mototrbo CPS, Read the radio and save the file, and leave the CPS window open.
3. Make any custom changes to the codeplug at this time. (Radio name, Buttons, etc)
4. Go to the ZONE and right-click on ZONE.  Add an Analog channel.
You can name the channel now or later.
5. In RX field, if it does not have 935.000000, then enter that. (6 zeros after decimal point)
6. In TX field, if it does not have 902.000000, then enter that. (6 zeros after decimal point)
7. Launch HxD, Click on ?Extras? > OPEN RAM and click on mototrbocps.exe?.
8. Next, press Control+R (or Search > Replace)
9. Enter 935.000000 in SEARCH FOR and your new Receive frequency in Replace With
Be sure you have 6 places after the decimal point. (Ex: 927.587500)
10. Keep Datatype at text-string, check the Unicode String and All boxes and click Replace All.
11. Click on File> Save (in the HxD utility) when finished.
12. Next, press Control+R (or Search > Replace) again.
13. Enter 902.000000 in Search For and your new Transmit frequency in Replace With
Be sure you have 6 places after the decimal point. (Ex: 902.587500)
14. Click on File> Save (in the HxD utility) when finished.
15. Return to your open CPS program, and make sure the changes took affect in RX & TX fields.
16. Go to Step 4 above and repeat for all channels needed.
17. The next step is to edit your channels for PL/DPL and for Admit Criteria, use Always.
Check the Allow Talkaround box for each channel. Remember, 900 MHz is only 12.5 KHz.
Now SAVE THE FILE under a NEW, different name.
This saved file will now ALWAYS have the modified frequencies and should be used
for any additions.
18. PROGRAM THE RADIO, and Enjoy!
This file can also be used for Cloning another radio of the same type.
Any attempt to read the radio will result in the deletion of all out-of-band frequencies in the radio. It will not be bricked; just the information would be lost. Use the saved file to restore the radio if this happens.
I hope this information was helpful. Lou, WA6EPD
NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / presentations
« Last post by n1bus on August 13, 2023, 09:14:50 AM »
What is the time frame required to register for a presentation? I have been thinking of giving a presentation on shop safety and practices, unless someone is already doing it.
Hello New England Amateur Radio Community!
We are just over two months from the next NEARFEST in Deerfield. As we have gone through the summer, I have been receiving applications from some clubs, some are still outstanding. This is reminder applications are going to be due September 9th, this will give me enough time to get the new passes out to the clubs. Your old club passes are no longer valid. If you are a ?permanent? club, I will send you your new passes. However, I still would like your application to update my records, especially your address and contact information, so I know where to send the passes. Many clubs change officers etc. as years go by.  As a reminder to all the clubs in the early entry program you are required to still purchase your inside parking tickets as well as admission. (Lifetime pass individuals are exempt from this requirement)  The only other thing we ask is that one volunteer from your club be available during the weekend, to assist with the running of NEARFEST. This can be fulfilled in several ways throughout the weekend (IE ticket sales, running of forums, one club takes care of the PA system etc.) or we ask for one volunteer from each club to stay after 2pm on Saturday to help with the clean-up. We also ask that you police your site for trash on Saturday. And please make sure your members who are camping have a camping pass. With more volunteers on hand the easier it is. Mr. Mike and the NEARFEST staff have worked extremely hard to develop a good working relationship with the fairgrounds. Your assistance in leaving it better than how we found it goes a long way into keeping that relationship going forward!  This club pass only gets two vehicles in from your club at 8:00 AM to claim your area. If you are not a:? permanent? club and I do not have an application on file you will not be allowed in at 8:00 am. Those with yearly passes will be valid for this upcoming fest in October plus the 2024 season. If you know of other clubs that would like to participate, we are more than happy to accommodate! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or call/ text 401-473-7784. The list below is of clubs that are all set. If you don?t see your club?s name, please contact me ASAP. If I need your contact info for the permanent clubs, please get a hold of me. I have attached the forms once again for those who still need them.
73 and see you at the fester!
Permanent Clubs
Billerica Ars
Contoocook Valley ARC ? Need Address
Fidelity ARC
GE-MOTO ? Need Address
Northeast ARC
Port City ARC ? Need Address
Radio Amateurs of N. Vermont ? Need Address
Whitman ARC
Military Radio Net/Group ? Need Address
Yearly Passes
Generations ARC
Insurance City ARC
Lakes Region Repeater Association
Pentucket ARC
NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Great Photo of da Tron
« Last post by W1RC on May 30, 2023, 05:42:00 PM »
Love it!
NEAR-Fest XXXIV - October 13 & 14 2023 / Club Pass Please read!
« Last post by KC1DWH on May 27, 2023, 08:30:16 AM »
I just emailed the following to the email distribution list I have for the clubs, if you did not get an email and are a club that is interested in the club pass feel free to get a hold of me as well as send in an application!

"Hello Fellow Amatuer Radio Clubs!
My name is Nicholas Kettle, KC1DWH I have been recently appointed club coordinator for NEARFEST. It was a pleasure to meet many of the clubs during our last fest. For those I did not get a chance to meet with, I hope we get a chance to chat soon! We have less than 140 days until the next NEARFEST! I am asking all club contacts to please take a few minutes to read and fill out the attached letter and application. (If you have already done so at Deerfield or have since mailed or emailed me a copy you are all set!) The letter also takes a few moments to reintroduce the club program and remind everyone of the responsibilities that go along with it. The NEARFEST club program is open to all eligible clubs that attend NEARFEST.  With the club pass two vehicles with two people each are allowed to enter the grounds at 8:00 AM 1 hour early to claim the clubs ?traditional area?. If you are a new club and would like to participate you are more than welcome and feel free to contact me by email on here or call/ text 401-473-7784. I ask that all clubs even with a prior permanent pass to PLEASE FILL OUT the application so I can update the information on my end. I will be issuing new passes for the fall. I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial day weekend and take a moment or two and think about the sacrifices our brave men and women have made.
NEARFEST Club Coordinator"
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