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Driving Directions - How to Get Here!
« on: May 30, 2013, 08:03:07 AM »
Getting to NEAR-Fest by automobile is extremely simple.  The Deerfield Fairground is located at 34 Stage Road, Deerfield NH 03037.  Stage Road is also NH State Highway 43.  There are no known public transport services; if you don't have a car you will have to take a taxi which might be expensive.

Back in the '70s there was no GPS or Internet mapping services as there are today.  Still we managed to find the fairgrounds without difficulty and I don't know of anyone who missed the hamfest because they couldn't find it.  It's an area landmark and over 100,000 people,find it when thenFair is running.  However here are a number of ways to navigate yourself to the hamfest.

Using GPS to Navigate
GPS Coordinates - Deerfield NH Fairgrounds.
Address:  34 Stage Road, Deerfield NH 03037
Lat 43.099286 Lon -71.242663
N43 06.050? W71 14.751?
N43 5? 57.4? W71 14? 33.5?

Talk-in:  The Official NEAR-Fest "Talk-In" Repeater Station is K1JEK/RPT.  146.700 MHz -600  PL  88.5. 
There is no "official" talk-in station; everyone in the area knows where the Deerfield Fairgrounds are.  However if you are a first-timer and from "away" you will likely find someone on this repeater who will be glad to give you directions.

NEAR-Fest thanks Joe, K1JEK, for the use of his repeater during the hamfester,

In addition there are several other local area repeaters that you can use to get directions, information, etc.

Customized maps and door-to-door detailed directions. Just enter your starting point and these great NAV sites will draw up your flight plan.
Google maps:
Bing maps:
View a scrollable and zoom-able Google Map

Simple Turn-by-Turn General Directions from All Points:

From all points North, South, and Northwest; Boston, Western Massachusetts, Vermont, Quebec and Ontario Canada:
Navigate to Manchester NH via Interstate 93.
Look for Exit 7 - Highway 101 East. Signs say ?Seacoast?, Portsmouth, etc.
Follow Highway 101 East for 6.9 miles to Exit 3 Highway 43.
Turn RIGHT at the top of the ramp. Look for signs to Candia. Watch for the LEFT turn as Highway 43 splits off towards Candia/Deerfield.
Follow Highway 43 for 6.3 miles. Fairgrounds are on your right.
Total mileage from I-93 & 101: 12.9 miles.

From Concord NH, the Lakes Region and northern NH:
Navigate to Concord NH, Interstate 93, Exit 15 East, Interstate 393 East.
Follow Interstate 393/Highway 4/202 East for 13.6 miles to Highway 107 South. Turn RIGHT.
Follow Highway 107 South for 9.4 miles through Town of Deerfield to junction of Highway 43.
Turn RIGHT onto Highway 43, Stage Road.  Turn Left.
Follow Highway 43 for .8 miles.  You will see the Deerfield Fairgrounds on your left.  Go past the grounds and turn LEFT.  Follow the signs.

You are advised to take I-93 South to Manchester NH and follow the instructions as given above from there.  It is a bit longer, 7.1 miles, but it takes a lot less time.  You will have to pay the $1.00 toll.  The distance is about the same for both routes from the junction of I-89 and I-93.

From all points Northeast; Maine, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick Canada, Portsmouth NH: Interstate 95:
Navigate to Portsmouth, NH, Interstate 95, Exit 5 Highway 4.
Follow US highway 4 for 23.1 miles to Northwood, NH.
Turn LEFT onto highway 43.
Follow highway 43 for 9.4 miles through Town of Deerfield to junction of Highways 107 & 43.
Bear RIGHT onto Highway 43, Stage Road.
Follow Highway 43 for .8 miles.  You will see the fairgrounds on your left.  Go past fairgrounds and turn LEFT and follow the signs.

From all points East and Southeast; Seabrook NH, Newburyport, North Shore MA: Interstate 95, Exit 2:
Starting at the junction of Interstate 95 and Highway 128 follow I-95 NORTH for 31.4 miles to Exit 2 in New Hampshire..
Follow Highway 101 West; signs say ?Manchester?, for 16.5 miles to Exit 5, Highway 102 Raymond NH.
Turn RIGHT at the bottom of the ramp.
Follow Highway 102 for .7 miles to "T" intersection, Highway 27 West. Turn LEFT onto Highway 27.
Follow Highway 27 West for 4.0 miles to the junction of Highway 107 North (Deerfield Road). Bear RIGHT.
Follow Highway 107 for 3.7 miles to the junction of Highway 43 (Stage Road).  Turn LEFT.
Follow Highway 43 for .8 miles. The Fairgrounds are on your LEFT.
Total mileage from I-95 Exit 2: 25.7 miles

Mileages to Deerfield from selected locations:
Boston MA (128 & I-93)  - 56.0 miles
Burlington Vermont  - 176.9 miles
Hopkinton NH (Fairgrounds)  - 39.6 miles
White River Junction, Vermont (I-89 & I-91 intersection) - 90 miles
Highgate Springs Vermont (Canadian border)  - 218.6 miles
Cornwall Ontario (Bridge)  - 280.4 miles
Syracuse NY  - 355.6 miles
Baltimore MD  - 446.7 miles
Los Angeles CA (Lanark & Winnetka Avenues)  - 3,045.8 miles.

Download these directions in .pdf and print 'em out!