Author Topic: Midcoast (Maine) CERT/ARES Communications Team NEAR-Fest Grant Recipient  (Read 7001 times)

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NEAR-Fest has awarded a special grant in the amount of $4,100.00 to the Midcoast (Maine) CERT/ARES Communications Team.

The team is an asset of the Brunswick (Maine) Fire Department, and the Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency.  All team members are amateur radio operators, AHA CPR/AED certified, NIMS/ICS compliant, and one member has completed the DHS/FEMA Office of Emergency Communications Type III Communications Unit Leader (ComL) course.

The NEAR-Fest grant funds were used to purchase an all-weather pop-up canopy, a 2KW portable generator, a portable HF antenna, weather-proof cases, coax cables, and tables.  The team has received previous grants from the Department of Homeland Security HSEEP, FEMA, the Maine Emergency Management Agency, and the Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency.

Team members (l to r): Marjorie Turner KX1I, Al Corderman W1ZD, Dr. Steve Kercel AA4AK (Assistant Team Leader), Harry McNelly N1TTT (Assistant Team Leader), Bruce Randall W1ZE, Dan Lindsley N5AGG, John Goran K1JJS (Team Leader), Jim McIrvin N1IPA.  Not in photo: Dr. Allan Kuong WA1SCS and Lee Trask W1LWT.

This picture shows a portion of the team equipment purchased with the NEAR-Fest grant funding, which includes individual equipment packs and belts containing advanced first aid products and rescue tools, an HF radio, a VHF/UHF radio, headsets, power supplies, antennas, coax cables, and more.