Author Topic: NEAR-Fest Establishes Annual Memorial Scholarship with ARRL Foundation.  (Read 9698 times)

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A memorial scholarship, valued at $1,500.00, has been established by NEAR-Fest that will benefit students holding a current amateur radio license and residing in the six New England states who are attending a post secondary institution on a full-time basis.  This scholarship is to be awarded annually beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year.  Application for this scholarship will be made through the ARRL Foundation which is the common portal for applying for all such scholarships administered through the ARRL Foundation with the winners chosen by their board of directors. Applications may be submitted starting in the Fall of 2017 and ending on January 31st 2018.

The NEW ENGLAND AMATEUR RADIO FESTIVAL MEMORIAL Scholarship is hereby established in loving memory of NEAR-Fest staff members and beloved friends who have recently become silent keys.

Warren C. ELLY, W1GUD/4
Stanley S WHITE, N1TT

Funded annually by The New England Amateur Radio Festival (commonly known as NEAR-Fest), this scholarship is intended to provide funding towards the educational expenses of a currently licensed Amateur Radio operator who is pursuing a post-secondary education.


1) The NEW ENGLAND AMATEUR RADIO FESTIVAL MEMORIAL Scholarship will be administered by the ARRL Foundation.

2) Application for The NEW ENGLAND AMATEUR RADIO FESTIVAL Scholarship is limited to applicants residing in the New England ARRL Division (ME, NH, VT RI, CT, EMA and WMA sections)

3) Preference will be given to applicants pursuing full-time studies at a four-year undergraduate degree-granting institution or pursuing post-graduate studies (any degree).

4) Candidates must be U.S.citizens or permanent resident aliens (?Green Card? holders) and have held an amateur license for a minimum of one year prior to the date of application.  First preference will be given to holders of the Amateur Extra license; second preference to holders of the General Class license; third preference to holders of the Technician Class license.

5) The NEW ENGLAND AMATEUR RADIO FESTIVAL Scholarship award will be $1,500.00 annually with the first scholarship to be awarded in Spring 2018.

6) The NEW ENGLAND AMATEUR RADIO FESTIVAL MEMORIAL Scholarship will be funded by an initial contribution of $1,500.00.  Annual contributions to the fund should be made by December 31 each year for award the following year with the amount contingent on revenues received from the two hamfests held each year.  In accordance with the policies of the ARRL Foundation 1% of the Scholarship amount will be added to cover administrative expenses.

7) Scholarships are for the exclusive use of the winner to be applied to tuition, books, transportation, mandatory fees, on-campus housing and other bona fide educational expenses.

8.) The ARRL Foundation Scholarship Committee will submit its nomination to the ARRL Foundation Board of Directors for approval by majority vote.                                                                                                     
9) The ARRL Foundation Board of Directors will disperse the scholarship funds to the Bursar at the winner?s college of choice.  Any excess funds not used for actual expenses will be remitted to the winner for use at their discretion for educational expenses not normally paid through the Bursar's office.


MisterMike, W1RC