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Bozo is Dead!
« on: March 15, 2012, 07:57:17 AM »
Jay Smilkstein, 51, of Mount Kisco NY, also known to the shortwave listening world as "Bozo", is dead.

Jay was a big husky guy with hair long enough to cover his ears but balding on top, hence his nick name "Bozo" given to him by the retards who attend the Winterfest a yearly gathering of all kinds, most are mature adults, some come to see what Jay Smilkstein has designed, built and brought, like the AM radio that had better quality sound then most FM though it was not in stereo, it had deep bass and sparkling highs, and his cable fed AM radio that would work inside a large hotel with a metal frame. A frequent caller to the Allan Weiner Worldwide show which airs on US Shortwave radio station WBCQ every friday from 8:00 to 9:00 PM eastern time and 7:00 to 8:00 PM central time 7415 kilocycles. Jay is also the frequent target of parody programs on various Pirate radio stations in North America, such as Kracker Radio, where he is often referred to as Bozo. Jay lives in Mt. Kisco, New York. 

Jay is famous for picking up WABC 770 New York City, Rebelde La Habana 5025, WEWN 5810 Alabama, Radio Havana Cuba 6000 and WBCQ 7415 from inside the A&P supermarket and outside only Radio Exterior De Espania 684 and 6055, imagine hearing Spanish music in Mount Kisco! and a few pirate radio stations on 6925 and on 6955. Yes that is 684 kilocycles medium wave AM, not short wave.

Jay was supposed to co-host a show on WBCQ called "Fix Your Radio", but was dropped from the program. Jay's frequent calls to WBCQ are used by several pirate radio operators as sound bites in their programs. Some entire pirate radio stations, such as the Voice of Bozo, have been built up around various clips of Jay's calls.

Jay is frequently mentioned on Internet message boards, and references to Jay are usually accompanied by the exclamation "PMLOL!" to understand what it means you would have to get inside the brain of "Kracker" or some variation thereof, which originated from the shortwave pirate underground and popularized by pirate operators including James Brownyard (WHYP) and Captain Ganja. Not all unlicenced radio stations are run by wierdos and retards, some are run by summer camps, pirate or not they are unlicenced as the Federal Communications comission stupidly will not liscence low power radio stations. As for the 50000 watt limit on AM it should go the way of the national 55 mile per hour speed limit.

While Jay is familiar with many aspects of electronics design and repair, he specializes in the design and construction of custom tube audio amplifier systems

Sadly another radio hobby fixture is gone.