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Don Dashney, VE2SH/VE3RM SK
« on: February 13, 2014, 03:23:28 AM »
I just received this message from my old friend Don, N2VU, also VE2LI as sent from Jim Hay, VE2VE in Montreal;

"It is with considerable sadness that I learned a few minutes ago of the passing of Don Dashney, VE2SH/VE3RM at 13:00 Eastern Standard Time today, February 12, 2014.  Don had been hospitalized in Hawkesbury for cancer and his condition deteriorated in the past ten days.
Take care,

James R. Hay, VE2VE
Montreal Amateur Radio Club"

Right now I am deeply saddened by this news and am somewhat at a loss for words.  Don was our good friend and mentor.  There are well over ONE THOUSANDS radio amateurs in Quebec and Eastern Ontario who have their licenses today thanks to Don Dashney.  My XYL, Cynthia, VE2KW and I are two of them.  Yes, you read that correctly, over ONE THOUSAND hams!

Don really knew his stuff.  He was the CBC Chief Broadcast Engineer in Montreal for many years.  Don was particularly interested in VHF, UHF and microwaves, although he loved HF and DXing as well.  He was a gifted teacher who made complex concepts easy to understand for many of us and at a time where the amateur exam was a formidable challenge, many of us were successful thanks to Don's assistance.

It was my greatest privilege in May of 2010 to have Don brought to Deerfield where we surprised the heck out of him when we presented him with the NEAR-Fest Lifetime Pass award.  This was in recognition as well as my personal thanks for his efforts on behalf of over a THOUSAND of us who attended his Code and Theory classes at the Montreal Amateur Radio Club in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and well into the 1990s.  Back then you had to really know your stuff to get your Certificate of Proficiency in Radio.  There were no multiple choice answers and no question pools.  You couldn't BS your way through it.  If you didn't know it you failed the exam and had to come back again in a few months or at a time when you did. 

It was Don who introduced me to Collins Radio equipment in 1966.  He showed me how to operate his Collins KWM-2, showed me how to tune it up his way and later gave me some tips in repairing them.

Don was in his eighty-sixth year, retired from CBC, living in Eastern Ontario and recently in poor health.  Regardless, his loss is profound to all who knew him.

Will write more later.

RIP Don.


Michael, W1RC

His obituary appeared in THE MONTREAL GAZETTE on Thursday February 13th 2014

DASHNEY, Donald Raymond, VE3RM
January 23, 1929 ? February 12, 2014
With great sadness we announce the passing of our dear brother Don, son of the late Donald Leslie Dashney, and the late Mary Margaret Dashney, brother of Edna, of Ottawa, Jim (Clare Power) of Oakville, uncle of Stephen (Nancy), and their children Joseph and Adam of Kingston, Kevin (Suzanne) and their children Mark, Thomas and Marisa, of Whitby. He was pre-deceased by his nephew James Edward. Don attended Corpus Christi School, and St. Patrick's College High School in Ottawa, and graduated from McGill University in Electrical Engineering. He worked and travelled for RCA in Montreal, and later he was Chief Broadcast Engineer for the CBC in Montreal. When he retired Don moved to the Hawkesbury area so he could set up the towers for his amateur radio station. A life- long "ham" he is remembered by many in Montreal and Hawkesbury for his volunteer teaching of the requirements to pass the amateur radio license exam. Don was very active in various radio clubs and often hosted groups taking part in contests. He was a kind and generous man, and will be missed by his family and friends. The family will receive friends at Racine Robert & Gauthier Funeral Home, 180 Montreal Road (east of the Vanier Parkway) on Friday, February 14, 2014, from 2-4 & 7-9 pm. Funeral Mass on Saturday at 9:45 am at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, 1758 Alta Vista Drive. Interment Notre-Dame Cemetery. Funeral arrangements entrusted to the care of McEvoy-Shields Funeral Home.

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Re: Don Dashney, VE2SH/VE3RM SK
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2014, 07:42:46 PM »
It's with a heavy heart that I share the news that a dear old friend Don Dashney VE2SH / VE3RM - has passed away (SK). Don was an incredibly brilliant RF Engineer and an amazing teacher. He despised question pools, believing the real way to learn and answer exam questions was through comprehension. Literally thousands of hams can say they learned from Don. For decades he voluntarily gave night classes to teach theory, regulations and code. I was one of his students in the late 70's. We became friends and from that friendship I was always learning. Well, in fact, he always left everyone knowing more. He was someone who could point to anything and so thoroughly explain how it worked and why. I remember him stopping his car on a hill we were going up near Cedar Ave in Montreal and putting it into neutral, and as we started slowly rolling UP that grade he pointed out that it was a magnetic hill and the intriguing details followed. He helped me put up my first beam and lent me some great old classic radios so I could listen to the bands. He did this for so many. He was a gentleman and that reflected in his demeanor on and off the air. Don was a true ambassador to everything great about the service and hobby. Don, you leave behind an incredible legacy. 73's my friend, you will not be forgotten ?
Donald James - N2VU / VE2LI

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Re: Don Dashney, VE2SH/VE3RM SK
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2014, 10:40:10 AM »
Found a couple of great photos of Don VE3RM/VE2SH.

Here is one with Joe, W1JR of Amherst NH.  Both are well-accomplished VHF/UHF operators.

Don's QSL card from his last home in Eastern Ontario.

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More Tributes to Don Dashney, VE2SH/VE3RM SK
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2014, 10:57:32 AM »
Here are some of the messages of respect and remembrance that have been posted about our good friend Don Dashney,  VE2SH/VE3RM (SK), of Ottawa Ontario, Montreal Quebec and of late, L'Orignal, Ontario.  We all share a common loss and grieve for our friend and mentor who is gone but assuredly never to be forgotten every time we get on the air.   

Since Don was a holder of the "Lifetime Pass" since May 2010 it is important for members of the NEAR-Fest community to understand how significant a personage Don was in the lives of well over a thousand radio amateurs north of the border.

I first met Don in 1944 prior to his obtaining and amateur radio license. Even then he was enthusiastic about electronics and radio communications. It was in 1945 that Don obtained his amateur radio license. I followed by being licensed in 1946.

From these early times Don and I became fast friends. We, among other activities, worked together at RCA in Montreal for nearly twenty years and have always kept in touch through amateur radio and other forms of communication such as Skype.

It was indeed a sad day to learn of Don's passing as he was such a large part of my amateur radio experiences.

Don, may you forever rest in peace.

~Courtenay Broad, VE3AZ
Thornton, Ontariio

Sad day. Don will be missed. A fantastic individual and talent.
~ Joe Alonso,
Estepone Spain

My deepest condolences to all his family, I had the privilege of having been instructed by Don and later to be mentored in ham radio and repeaters. His kindness and giving of knowledge will never be forgotten. He will be missed. Rest well my friend.
~ Harry Ratajczak VA3ZAK,
Rockland, Ontario

At St. Pats during the war Don introduced me to Ham radio and he and I received our tickets at about the same time, over 65 years ago. QRX for me, Don.
Jack McCann (VE3BTT) now VA3AA

I first met Don at a Montreal Amateur Radio Club meeting; it was so long ago that I find it difficult to say exactly when that was - probably the mid-1960s. He was an instructor at the courses that the club gave and I can thank him for helping me to get my amateur license. Many years after I had my license, Don gave the course that enabled my wife Nora, VA2NH, to get her amateur license. Don was a teacher, a mentor to many, always ready to help out and to promote amateur radio. It was difficult to have a short QSO or conversation with Don, his enthusiasm and technical expertise meant that all topics were discussed thoroughly. His knowledge of radio technology was wide and deep. He will be missed by all who knew him.
~ Leo Nikkinen, VE2SI
Saint-Lazare, Quebec
I first met Don at an MARC meeting in 1969. He impressed me with his knowledge and generosity. We became good friends and I visited his shack regularly. He will be sorely missed 73, OM and CUL down the log.
~ Ed Sieb VA3ES,
Ottawa, Ontario

Don, VE2SH/VE3RM was truly a wonderful gentleman, a great amateur radio operator, unselfish and sharing to the max. My wife Cynthia Reid Crestohl, (VE2KW), and I are amateur radio operators today because of his assistance and friendship.

There are well over a thousand licensed radio amateurs in Montreal and Eastern Ontario who will gladly attribute their success to Don and his mentoring. It is in recognition of this achievement that Donald Dashney was awarded the prestigious "Lifetime Pass" award by the New England Amateur Radio Festival (NEAR-Fest) at Deerfield NH in May 2010. Don is the only Canadian amateur to receive this honour.We all shall miss him incredibly.Our most sincere condolences to his family.
~ Michael Crestohl, W1RC
Marblehead, Massachusetts

As a fairly new radio amateur I had the privilege of spending a few days with Don at his house and shack. He taught me radio and antenna theory, and guided me through the repair and adjustments of the Montreal Amateur Radio Club's repeater system which I still maintain to this day. A lot of my technical knowledge in ham radio came from Don. He was an enthusiastic and exceptionally knowledgeable teacher, an Elmer to many Hams as well as an extremely generous and warm human being. We will miss him terribly.73' Don. 
~ George Hedrei, VE2NGH
Montreal, Quebec

 Don has always been a most helpful person in every walk of life. I remember him driving me weekly from my parents home during the 1970 to attend his amateur radio classes , he taught me a priceless and vast wealth of information which has to this day completely changed my life , and I owe my success to this wonderful hobby and the one man who inspired me . His patience and lust to teach followed him throughout his entire life, and I have never lost touch with him . My heart goes out to his family and friends .
73 Don AR SK
~Howard Rosen, VE2AED
Montreal, Quebec

I first meet Don, when he helped my Elmer Barney O'Brien (VE2WH) (SK) a blind ham, in the 70's. He co-hosted CW practice on the 2 meter VHF band. Don was always available to help out and solve problems. Ham Radio was his life. Many years ago, I was lucky to spend the day with him at his property and ham shack. He was a real gentleman and scholar on things Electronics and Radio. He will be sadly missed.
~ John Grow, VE2EQL,
Greenfield Park, Quebec

Don will be missed by many. He accepted people for who they are and shared his knowledge with anyone wishing to learn.

I had the privilege of knowing Don for over twenty years and valued his company and advice while we were both directors of the Montreal Amateur Radio Club.  My sympathy goes to his family and his many, many friends.
~ James Hay, VE2VE
Pointe-Claire, Quebec

He gave a lot to ham radio over the years
~ Gord.. VE3KKL,
Ottawa, Ontario

I met Don in the late sixties and had the privilege to work with him in the MARC for some 20 years before my professional transfer.

Don had the gift to be able to transfer his enormous knowledge and enthusiasm for Amateur Radio to hundreds of people, young and old and, for me it was a wonderful hobby.Don, thank you and may you rest in peace.73's
Hans Vandenberg , VE2HBV/VE3REL
Ottawa Ontario

With great sadness I report that Donald Dashney, VE3RM has passed away today.  More details about the funeral to follow.

Don was very active in the Montreal Amateur Radio Club for about fifty years. Many radio amateurs, myself included, had Don as their mentor and teacher. Don had hosted many multi and single operation events from his home in Vankleek Hill.

He will be missed by many. Rest in peace, old friend.

~Vlad VE3JM
50 лет в радио ! Последнее ЩСО с ним на 80 SSB , активный аматор был, покойся с миром,Дональд!

Don was an extraordinary man who made a huge impression on me. I met him at my first-ever MARC meeting in 2002. I soon found out that he was really smart, passionate, modest, helpful; all this and with a great sense of humor too. Please accept my condolences for your loss. Sincerely,
~ Robert Paknys, VE2JBP
Montreal, Quebec

It's with a very heavy heart that I wish express my deepest felt condolences to all of Don's family and his many close friends.

I met Don early in my teens through my brother who was also a dear and close friend of his. Don struck me as a remarkable man from the start. Over the many years, we developed a close relationship and I am proud to call him my friend.His human spirit, his enthusiasm and his generous ways are but some of the qualities that everyone in his entourage enjoyed and benefited from. Always glad to lend a helping hand, Don was unfaltering and considerate of those in need. As a true friend, he could always be counted upon. Through his actions, he exemplified honour, forgiveness and most of all, kindness.While no words can adequately convey the sadness that Don's passing brings to me - in my heart, he will always remain a dear friend and will always stand among those that I most admire.May the family find peace in knowing how appreciated and loved he was. We share in your grief & can only hope that you may find solace in fond memories.
~ Doug Macdonald,
Montreal, Quebec

Don, fourteen months ago I accompanied you to Doug Macaulay's funeral, a week or so ago I visited you and we reminisced about events going back some 60 years. Precious recent events to remember. Now, my mentor, all I can do is wish you to rest in peace
~ Pierre Labarre,
St.Lambert Quebec

??Don always had a moment to answer any questions I had and took every opportunity to teach me something new. The world has lost a man with a wealth of knowledge a kind heart and an awesome personality. My condolences to the Dashney family. Godspeed Don and 73 good sir.
~ Andrew Sutton,
Ottawa, Ontario

Last time I saw Don was 2 summers ago at the DX picnic. We worked many times over the last 30 years on the radio. Very sorry to hear of his passing. He will be remembered by his friends around the world.
~  Dana Shtun VE3KU,
Toronto, Ontario

To the Dashney family whom I do not know...your brother/uncle made a great and lasting impression on me and on many others. I am now a 66 year old man, so I met Don over 50 years ago. He was a brilliant engineer in the world of radio & TV broadcasting and I was a kid who wanted to play with radio and, ultimately, make it my profession. I achieved these goals and Don gave me the boost that was required.

He was never too busy and no question was ever too mundane for him. He liked to 'show and tell' where technology was concerned...and he was also a good friend.

We have kept in touch sparingly over the years but we did make an effort. I Skyped with him occasionally as I have long since discontinued talking on ham radio (I talk too much on professional radio, some would say!).

I remember Don learning to drive and buying his first car...a Mustang, in the first year they made them. I remember him learning to ski. I remember Don innovating in radio by bouncing signals off the moon before satellites or the internet were ever even dreams in someone's head.  He was a good guy!

Rest in peace, Don Dashney. You had many friends, made many positive impressions, affected many lives...and you will be missed.
~  Peter Shurman,
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

I first met Don in Montreal at an MARC meeting 1963 and shortly after attended the code and theory classes he was teaching. His enthusiasm, dedication to his hobby, and willingness to help others inspired many of us and helped launch our careers. He will be dearly missed by those who knew him personally and the many thousands of Hams with whom he communicated over the years.

My deepest sympathy to Jim, Edna, and their families.

~ Kevin Boyle, VE6SR (ex VE2EE)
Calgary, Alberta

My deepest sympathy Edna & Jim on the passing of your brother. Don was a great friend and spent many evenings with Wade working on radios or particapating in a contest, and let's not forget their yearly BBQ's in the states. I always thought they were a little crazy but they loved it. I am sure the radio waves are a buzzing in heaven.
~ Kim Bates,
Vankleek Hill, Ontario