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Mike Bernock, N1IW, SK
« on: March 01, 2014, 06:03:43 AM »
I regret to have to inform our community of another of our brethren who is a silent key.  Mike Bernock, N1IW (SK) passed away on Tuesday February 25th. 

Mike was very well-known in this part of the world; he was past president of the Billerica Amateur Radio Society (BARS) a couple of times, a highly-skilled contest CW operator and a proponent of digital VHF/UHF.  He was a special person and he truly loved this hamfest.  We are pleased to dedicate NEAR-Fest XV to his memory.

Here is my favorite picture of Mike.  I snapped it at the BARS tent at NEAR-Fest II in October 2007.

Here is his obituary as written by his family:

BERNOCK, MICHAEL WILLIAM Aged 55, of Derry, NH (N1IW; November 1 Italy Whiskey) signed off of his radio to be with the Lord on Tuesday, February 25, 2014. Born in St. Clair Shores, MI, he is survived by his parents, William and Barbara, sisters, Diane and Laura, brother, Robert (Juli), niece, Jessica and his many New Hampshire and Ham Radio family/friends.

Mike lived life to its fullest, never knowing how to turn off the on/off switch. He enjoyed the outdoors and was an expert fly fisherman, but his passion was everything Ham Radio. His love for the hobby helped him build a brotherhood of friends and caring people that is unimaginable, and he was a mentor and teacher to many. He was a professional in his field of aeronautical communications, surveillance and navigation air traffic management as Senior Communications Engineer at MITRE Corporation for nearly 30 years, after graduating Michigan Technological University in 1980.

R.I.P, Mike.


MrMike, W1RC

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Tributes and Remembrances for Mike Bernock, N1IW, SK
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2014, 06:47:45 AM »
Here are some of the tributes and messages from some of Mike's friends and family. 

Steve Wedge   02/26/2014   Mebane,  North Carolina   United States   
Mike was a great friend.

That photo of him, laughing at the "monster" bass he caught is how I remember him.
He was my friend, fishing buddy, radio buddy, fellow contester and all-around good guy. There was never a dull moment with Mike.

Some of my memories include fishing out of Newburyport, contesting at K1TTT (Hey! Come out and look at this cool aurora!), guitar ensembles, Friday night "Amigos" times, Hosstraders/Deerfield , eating Polish food with him and Field Day.

One of the greatest compliments I've ever received, I got from Mike a month ago. He thanked me for prepping 10m for him at K1TTT when he was fairly new to the whole contesting "thing". It spurred him on to excellence. I'm proud of that.

Rest in peace, my friend.

Jim Evans   02/27/2014   Tewksbury,  MA   USA   
My condolences to Mike's family. Mike was a good friend, fellow ham and guitar player. Mike taught me a lot. We will miss him dearly at the Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day cookouts, as well as other events including Saturday morning breakfasts. Farewell my friend.

Ed Anderson / N1IWV   02/27/2014   Greenfield,  NH
Mike is was an honor and a privilege to have you as my friend.  R.I.P.
73s for now

Michael Crestohl, W1RC   02/27/2014   Marblehead,  Massachusetts.
I am saddened at the news of Mike's passing. Fifty five is much too young. I always enjoyed seeing N1IW and hanging out with him at our regional hamfest at Deerfield, NH. Mike was a laid back Michigander which made him stand out here in New England. I shall miss him playing his guitar at NEAR-Fest.  73 de W1RC......,

Bob Bernock   02/26/2014   Rockford,  MI   United States   
Michael, my brother, I am so sad you left me. Thank you for everything you did for me in my life. We will see each other again. I believe it. Once again, you will show me the way. I will live each day with you in my memory. See you later.

Barry and Mary Whittemore   02/28/2014   Manchester,  NH   USA   
Mike was a friend to Mary and I and we will miss him very much.We met Mike through the YCCC and enjoyed his company.   RIP My friend    dit dit
NF1O and NE1F

Doug Grant K1DG   02/28/2014   Windham,  NH   USA   
I am sorry to hear of Mike's passing. He was a terrific guy, and few can match the passion he had for ham radio. I will miss him, but am grateful for having had the opportunity to know him.

Jacob Handwerker, W1FM   02/28/2014   Lexington,  MA   USA   
It has been my privilege to have known Mike for about 35 years as a fellow ham and co-worker at MITRE Corporation. Condolences to all of the Bernock family from my wife Claudia and son Ethan, N1SOH. 73 Jake-W1FM.

Marianne Wilamowski   02/28/2014   Warren,  MI   USA   
Barb you & your family are in my thoughts &prayers. So very sorry for your loss.

Fred Hopengarten, K1VR   02/28/2014   Lincoln,  MA   USA   
To Mike's Family:   As you can see by other messages of condolence, his ham radio family will miss Mike enormously. One great guy. We should each celebrate with one dram of Irish Whiskey, for a life well-lived.

Gerry Hull, W1VE   02/28/2014   Nelson,  NH   USA   
Mike and I met through mutual ham radio friends -- it's a tight-knit hobby. He would call me the "Canuk", being a Canadian... We would talk about hockey and radio and just about everything. He was very engaging and I enjoyed his company in person and on the radio. Amateur Radio is a very special fraternity, and we have lost a very special member. I'm glad Mike was "doing the radio thing" right up till the end. Hopefully, he'll be working DX and enjoying his CW (Morse Code) on the other side, with no QRM (interference). It was my privilege and pleasure to know Mike. 73 RIP Mike. Dit Dit.

Paul Beasley N1PFB   02/28/2014   Derry,  NH   United States   
Mike you will be missed my friend. You were a mentor to many people including me. It is because of you that I am a cw operator again. I wish we could have wet a line as you would always say. I know you will be there in spirit this fishing season. I have already heard your voice in my head as I was tying caddis nymph flies. My condolences to your family
73 de N1PFB

Laura Bernock   02/28/2014   Sherwood,  AR   USA   
Our shared enjoyment of smooth jazz and Red Wings Hockey (the time you flew to MI just to go to the playoff game with me - I already miss texting about the games), that one summer at the cabin when you spoke in Morse code and drove us crazy, choosing to work jigsaw puzzles with Diane and me instead of going fishing, your annoyed amusement when I would pretend to fall asleep while you were trying to explain how your Ham radio equipment worked and your excitement when sharing the latest story about "the one that got away" or the recent country that was added to your contact list. Just a few of my favorites. I won't forget you big brother. xox

Ken Caruso   02/27/2014   North Billerica,  Massachusetts   United States   
Through our strange hobby we met. Slowly, over time, common interests are revealed.
We worked to common goals on projects helping other hams, Field Day, Boxboro, the antenna field teardown. Contesting! Suddenly, unexpectedly, we are what you would call friends. Really not a common occurrence for us "old farts".

A cookout here, a dinner there, Where's Mike? We are getting hungry!  Oh don't worry, he'll be here at the "Speed-of-Mike". The non-stop weather reports! The Michigan cabin contacts contest (2 time winner, Lasante is a great motivator!).

Now, so suddenly, he is torn from us. Time will heal my pain but I'll never forget him. To the Bernock family, my love and prayers. Thank you for sharing Michael with us these few short years. Ken.

Bill Barber   02/27/2014   Hudson,  NH    USA   
Mike, my friend, while you could not make this ham contest trip, as I setup today, your voice was there coming from my computer. I know your spirit is here too. We really miss you, but know we will all be together again. Thank you for all the mentoring, prodding and on-the-air competition. You raised the bar!

My prayers to your Mom, Dad, brother, sisters and niece to be strong and take pleasure in the good times you all had.
73 es SK de NE1B

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Re: Mike Bernock, N1IW, SK
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2014, 04:32:25 AM »
On Thursday April 17th 2014 a group of Mike's friends and colleagues got together at the Billerica (MA) Elks Club Lounge for a few hours to remember Mike, N1IW, and celebrate his life.

Several of Mike's friends paid tribute to him, recounting anecdotes and funny stories about him.  Then some videos were shown.  Here they are:

Jim, K1IR's video:
Lisa, N1ICE's Open Letter:

It was a fine evening full of memories of our friend who left us far too soon.



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