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« on: March 11, 2014, 03:24:28 AM »
Jeffrey Barnard, KA1OGM, was an extremely talented videographer.  In the 1990s he produced three great videos at Hosstraders. 

In 2007 when we were preparing for the first NEAR-Fest I asked Jeff to chronicle the event on video which he did.  The result was totally outstanding and we are forever in his debt for making this wonderful video that we can enjoy NEAR-Fest I forever.  I am pleased to present Jeff's video MISTER MIKE'S FABULOUS NEAR-Fest.'s_Fabulous_NEAR-Fest.avi

Here are the other three ham radio videos produced by Jeff, KA1OGM.

Sadly, Jeff passed away a few years ago and so there will be no more KA1OGM videos.

Fortunately, Burt, K1OIK, has been making his unique videos since NEAR-Fest IV and his wonderful collection is preserved online so we can relive those events as well.

All Burt's videos are here:



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