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« on: May 08, 2007, 11:41:23 PM »
To Mike and all those involved with NEARFest Number One, GREAT JOB! I have attended many hamfests over the years and by far, this one was one of the best. Several people came up from the Cape and we all had a great time.

Just to echo a couple of comments that may have been mentioned already:

1> Good drinking water. Obviously the Hamfest Committee has no drect control over this, but it certainly warrants looking into;

2> More open bathrooms. It was a busy Saturday morning!

3> As commented before, streamline the raffle drawings. I heard alot of feedback about how long it took to raffle off the prizes.

Otherwise a great job putting this event together in such a short time! Little bumps in the road such as the ones above, will all get worked out with time. Every event has it's growing pains and you can't expect everything to be perfect out of the gate the first time! The weather was perfect, company was great. Can't wait for NEARFest II!!