Author Topic: Vanished/Missing - Have You Seen Any of These Items?????  (Read 5611 times)

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Vanished/Missing - Have You Seen Any of These Items?????
« on: May 05, 2014, 06:31:27 AM »
I had a few items for sale on a table I was sharing with a friend just adjacent to the Billerica Amateur Radio Club encampment.

Now, I don't know how this happened or who is responsible but on Saturday afternoon sometime after the closing ceremony these items apparently became what some people thought was a "free pile" and they just "adopted" them. 

After the closing ceremony I noticed they were gone but assumed that my friend took them along with the other unsold items and didn't think too much about it......until yesterday (Sunday May 4th 2014).

I heard someone on a repeater telling someone else how he got this neat "free" Bausch and Lomb low power microscope on Saturday afternoon at Deerfield.  I learned that there was this wonderful "free pile over by the BARS tent" and he and others quickly helped themselves to whatever was there.

Hey, guys, this was my personal stuff and it certainly wasn't there for the taking! 

Here is what is missing and the approximate value:

1 - Collins Radio 302C-3 Wattmeter                          $150.00
1 set Advent wireless speakers                                 $100.00
1 - Collins 180U-2 Wattmeter/Speaker in
cabinet                                                                  $125.00
1 - Bausch & Lomb binocular microscope                     $100.00
3 - QST on CD @ $30.00                                              90.00
1 - URM-26B US MIL Signal Generator                            50.00
1 - West Mountauin Radio Rigblaster M8                        50.00
                                                                  total    $665.00

I know this will be hard to do but if you took any of these items I'd really like to have them back.  I was selling one of the items for a friend and I am responsible for it.  I am treating this as a mistake in judgement on somebody's part with no malicious intent but, come on guys, do you really expect to get a Collins 302C-3 Wattmeter with a $150.00 price sticker in a free pile?   Unless I get it back I am going to have to pay my friend for it and I'll be $150.00 out of pocket.  Anyways most free pile stuff is marked as such.

Here are some photos of my items that are missing.

Collins Radio 302C-3 Wattmeter

Collins Radio 180U-2 Wattmeter & Loudspeaker

URM-26B RF Signal Generator

If you have any of these items or knowledge of this please e-mail me: and as such no questions will be asked.

Thank you.



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Re: Vanished/Missing - Have You Seen Any of These Items?????
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2014, 09:54:12 PM »
That sucks, Mike.  Hope you can get it back.