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Its almost time.....



As I send this message we have about one month to go until Near-Fest XIX (that's 19 for those of you who don't like the I,V,X,C and M). I'm sure I speak from all of the inmates running the asylum, when I say how excited we all are to have a couple thousand of our friends descend on the Deerfield Fairgrounds for another fester.  It was just over ten years ago when I heard the sad news that Hosstraders was going away and shortly after that the joy in hearing the news that Mr. Mike and his volunteer crew were going to go back to a favorite hamfest home and form Near-Fest.  Mike was understandably worried but I remember telling him don't worry we all will come.  I'm obviously much more involved with our event now than I was back then but I'm just as excited now, perhaps even more so, than I was back at Near-Fest I (that's one for those of you who don't like the I,V,X,C and M) as I was waiting in line to get in.  If you look at the photo on the top of the web page, that's my old Jeep Liberty smack dead center in the photo waiting to enter the gate!  Come Buy some stuff, come sell some stuff, come attend our informative technical presentations, come eat some great tasting food (We promise not to tell your doctor!), come win a door prize, but most of all just come to the fest!  Its a great social event and as I have found over the years, the most fun is seeing friends you may only see once or twice a year as well as making some new friends. 

I always tell people there that we want you to have fun.  If you aren't having fun, let me know what isn't fun.  I cant promise that I can solve all problems but I will listen to all complaints and suggestions.  Thanks and see you soon!

John Flood KB1FQG


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