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Big changes at Deerfield


There are some major changes on the Deerfield Fairgrounds. These pictures were taken on August 7, 2017 and show the fenced in area of the Fairgrounds expanding into the parking lot, two new barns and a new gate under construction. Gate E, what we had used as the main gate, is no longer at it's previous location.

NEAR-Fest staff is in the process of making the necessary changes to parking practices and grounds access procedures starting with NEAR-Fest XXII. This also affects access to the camping area, so anyone who normally camps overnight Thursday will be taking a different route to get to there.


More pictures...

Yes indeed, there are changes coming.  When you come up in October just watch the signs and follow the traffic wardens' directions.  You will be fine.



New Pictures from 9/17/2017

This is the view from the main entrance road off of Route 43 near the "back" of the newly expanded fenced in area. This is a new ticket sales office and you can see the new Gate E behind it. In the background you can see the two new barns and on the left side of the picture you can see the red schoolhouse which is next to the former location of Gate E. There is still a fair bit of work to do before the fair's opening day 10 days away.

It is important to note that NEAR-Fest will not be using the new Gate E. 

Traffic patterns will be different starting in October some of which will be routed around the new section of the fairgrounds. 


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