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Near-Fest Jam XXII

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Hello all you Festering jammers out there.
Bri here, your Junta Sector Leader bringing you the Jam News for the XXII. (For the Roman numerically challenged that means 22)
Wow? 11 years and 22 Near-Fest?s!!
First off lets give the Near-Fest crew a big hand for all the behind scene work they do so all can have a great time.
Many nearly invisible people work long thankless hours so we can kick back and have a great time.

General Info:
The Jam will start between 7:00 and 8:00pm on Friday night.
Ben and his family will be bringing the P.A. system. Without Ben the sound at the jam would not be pleasurable at all. Give him a big wet kiss on the lips when you see him!
PA Setup and Breakdown: All players need to help with PA setup, breakdown or hopefully both. So be at the Entertainment building early.
We?re all getting older and to put all that work on the shoulders of the few is a dick move and won?t be tolerated.
If you won?t help set or break you will NOT be allowed to play in the future.

End time: When we want it to end or the crowd gets angry and throws us out. Could be 10:30pm, could be 2am.

Play Time: Generally a few people will play a few tunes and then sit out while someone else plays. If there's a hole (bass player, drummer, lead bassoon, etc) You may be asked to to stay up. Please sit out every now and then and give other players some play time. You will be told to sit out if your bogartin'. If you don?t know the song at all please try to sit out and let it work.

Format: There ain?t one. Many people like to play stuff from the 60?s to 2000. (Sorry I just haven?t heard anything new in a long time) Mostly Klassic rock, not a lot of Blooze. A few bring their own tunes they?ve written and you are more than welcome to bring your?s. I would like it to be more of a jam so if you got a few progressions and maybe the chords and breaks in the songs?. on paper..Bring it!

There is no storage for equipment in the Entertainment building before or after the jam! You bring your stuff in before it starts and drag it out when it ends or when you leave. The building needs to be put back in order for the next day?s events and locked.

What you should bring (If your playing) and what you may want to leave at home.
Bring your own instrument, small amp, power strip, and stand unless you've made plans to borrow from someone else.
On the subject of amps. It's not a big space; 5-30 watt amps will fill the place and cause ears to bleed. So leave the  Peavy 5150 at home. we want to hear all the players. If you sing, bring your own mic, mic stand. A sheet music stand is always helpful for lyrics, music and dirty pics of the band.

Also, bring a little extra stuff in case a fellow musician forgot. Like instrument cables, picks, capo, guitar strings, power strips, 9volt and AA batteries, etc.
Please let the forum know if your coming, what you play and what your bringing so we can work logistics. 16 cowbells and no sticks to hit them with is just wrong.

Bring several copies of lyrics/chord sheets  in big fonts of songs you want to play.
I'll be adding info as it comes in.
Thanks and hope to see you all at the jam.


Whao' I see the Fest Jam topic is blowing up with all the web chatter.........................

How about his? Everyone bring a kazoo and we do "Whole Lotta Love" as the opener to the jam. Audience members too!

Only if we can we follow that one up with "Yellow Submarine"   ;D

"Only if we can we follow that one up with "Yellow Submarine"

Sure as long as we play it under water.

Hey Adam V, Can you make and bring one of these but have it play Renegade by Styx?



--- Quote from: Bri on September 26, 2017, 11:01:19 AM ---Hey Adam V, Can you make and bring one of these but have it play Renegade by Styx?


--- End quote ---

Unfortunately, I'm short a couple dozen floppy drives at the moment. I should be able to manage vocals on Renegade played the usual way, at the least... ;)

Anyhoo, I should be able to make it to the Jam with my (un)usual accoutrement of goofy keyboard instruments. I'm also willing to help with set-up to the best of my abilities, as usual. See ya's there!


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