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Free boatanchor clinic



If you're man enough to bring it, I'll align/troubleshoot for free at the Aesop Engineering/K1QAR Clinic table.   Those radios were meant to play, not sit and decay.

Series lightbulb setup for smoke-free initial power ups.  Condenser checker to catch leaky filter caps before they explode.   Oscilloscope for detection of such things as dead stages, oscillator waveform quality.  Sweep generator for IF bandwidth tests.    Tube  Checker for those who don't want to bring in the whole radio.   Interference willing, may attempt 2-way contacts with a magnetic loop.   For best alignment results, it is recommended that you power tube equipment up for a week prior to bringing it in. Lets the tube heat dry out condensers and resistors to their "working" rather than their "wet" values.

Also will be demoing prototype mobile 5' x 3'  magnetic loop kW transmitting antenna. 


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