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Bueller.......Bueller...... Anyone, Anyone there?

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So, Am I the only one who took pictures or recorded the jam?
If yo've got stuff then please post it.
Comments are also welcome.

Come on all you lurkers, Register and post.


Shaking all the rain, leaves, twigs, wires, and other miscellaneous stuff kicked up by that last storm that blew up against my house during that last storm...

Yeah, I've got a few pics, just gotta find time to post them. Sometimes the easiest things to do are the hardest to get done  :o

Gotta check with some folks who were in the audience, and mentioned to me that they took pics. Dunno what'll shake out, but who knows.

Still waiting to hear what we sounded like, and how annoying my singing was. Glad that the pics don't show me with some sort of inexplicable scowl on my face, as was the case with the pics from my first jam...  ::)
(just getting out of the Dark Ages? here)

Yep.. That's what I thought.......Dead air.

The recording came out shitty so I won't be posting it.
All I get is drums.

Maybe see you in the spring

Bri out.

I was finally able to reset my password for the forum and log in. I wonder how many other people have had this same problem logging in.
   For the sound recording would it be possible to tap off the mixer board? Could the person running the mixer record it at the same time?
I've started working on the song Secret Agent Man and hope to have it ready for May.
Looking forward to Nearfest and the jam, sincerely, N1bus


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