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Follow the Odyssey of the Mind team's progress as they compete in World competition in Ames, Iowa at

Video of the New England Tech Trek, NE(T)2

From FACEBOOK posted by Jenny Gore 5/05/2018:

?This weekend was beyond crazy. We took seven 4th and 5th grade girls to #nearfest and the NE(T)2 conference to raise money for their Odyssey of the Mind World Finals trip. 

They were invited to/given a table in the technology building and were also given permission to solicit donations (no one has ever been allowed to do that before). THEN they were told that whatever they raise, the organizers would match up to $500.

The ARRL thought it was awesome, interviewed them and will be doing an article showcasing their solution.

These girls were so sweet and patient with everyone! Even with the older ?seasoned? crowd that would talk about things over their heads, they would smile and ask questions. They made everyone feel special.

At the end, they had raised $455. During the closing ceremony, the head organizer guy ?Mr. Mike? (see below) brought them on stage, allowed them to talk about their ?odyssey?, then told the crowd how NEAR-Fest was matching up to $500, but they were a bit short of that. He then said, ?Who will help them reach $500? Even a dollar will get them closer.?

Everyone lined up to donate! Everyone!! People just kept coming and coming. Their donation jar got so full that they had to take the lid off. Then it got so full that they had to squish bills down. Lisa had to walk away because she was crying, it was so beautiful! I choked back most of my tears, and hid the escaped tears behind my sunglasses. In the end, they came away with $1,214 dollars!

I cannot thank the amateur radio community and tech community enough. You guys and gals are the best people!! Thank you so much!!!?