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Checking up on your friends
« on: March 21, 2020, 08:32:33 AM »
Hi All,
It's been a while since I've attended the Fest and while I don't see myself going in May (Covid-19 not withstanding) I do want to reach out to many of the friends, characters, trolls and reprobates I've met over the years.
Some of you I have contact info for and some I don't. I'm not looking for people to post their contact info, just for a place we can say "hi, I'm doing ok and I hope you are too"  Possibly through this forum.

Some of you I know by what you buy or sell, some by first name only, some by what instrument you play or how you wear pants 3 inches too short. We are an interesting bunch but we're family in a way. Our common interests pull up together. We meet up at Ham fests, the MIT Flea, Audio Karma  fests and other "electronics events"

I hope our common interests can help us and our loved ones stay safe in the coming days and months ahead. Keep your head cool, watch out for the hype (it doesn't help), practice safe measures: frequent hand washing, avoiding crowds and exercising to help build up your resistance should you get the virus. I believe a healthier body is one who stands a better chance of surviving.  Call a local friend and meet somewhere to go out for a walk or hike; Just remember to keep a your distance.

My family and I are doing ok tho we have 3 elderly family members in nursing homes in lockdown not because they have the virus but to minimize the risk of bringing it in. Like you we're trying adjust to this new topsy turvy normal that is current life in the US and the world at large. I'm trying to keep busy by playing music (unfortunately solo :( these weird days) repairing a 1973 Lafayette quad receiver and hiking.

So, A shout out to all the names I can remember (in no particular order)
Mr. Mike, John D. Cliffy, Ben, Jenny, Andrea, Raj, Adam1, Adam2, Rick,
Greg, Don, Bob A, Ross,Scott & Bill & Ben and Kathy.

Stay safe and lets all get together again when it's over!


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Re: Checking up on your friends
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2020, 09:29:15 PM »
Hi Bri....

Glad to see you and the family are okay.  We are doing okay as well.  The NH governor shut us down until April 6th and probably beyond.  We haven't cancelled NEAR-Fest XXVII but looks like it will be done for us.  Hang tight amd we will hopefully see you at MIT in June.....

Please use the forum to check up on each other.....that is a good use for it.



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Re: Checking up on your friends
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2020, 11:23:55 PM »
Hey Bri,

Good to hear from you as always. We?re doing our thing, laying low but still getting outside in our rural area and doing some things outside when we can. Many of the school events we are normally involved in during the spring are cancelled with nothing on the horizon indicating any changes are coming to alter that direction. Kids are going to school remotely, Jaycie is about to be promoted from 7th grade to 9th grade because she?s already completed all the curriculum they have for her in our local school. She?s a math whiz and will probably be starting her High high school math career at algebra II, so at this point we are just trying to keep up!

I?m still going to work daily and expect to continue that because of the critical infrastructure my coworker and I are responsible for keeping up and running for a fairly large number of public safety agencies in York County. Public access to our building is closed, so there?s a lot less people traffic in our area but we have been busy trying to ensure the various departments have been able to communicate using alternate meeting methods besides in-person, so it?s been busy, but so far everybody in our daily circles are healthy, and doing our part respecting safe distances and washing hands, I am very thankful for that.

Wishing the best for all, especially those in the higher risk categories.