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Staying sane
« on: May 13, 2020, 10:05:29 AM »
Just checkin' in to see if everyone is keeping it real and staying sane.
In my area people are driving wild doing 90 on the S.E. Xway and Massholes are yelling at kids cause they can't get their ice cream in under 5 minutes. To those people who are acting that way:

If you drink, maybe you should stop.
If you don't drink, maybe you should start.
Better yet fire up a bowl of herb, sit back, put on a record (those 12" round black things we use to use way back when we wanted to hear music) and try to relax and consider that everyone around you are going through similar stresses.

The only thing to fear is fear itself.....and crazy bat-shit people. We should really fear crazy bat-shit people.