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« on: May 13, 2022, 10:15:56 PM »
Welcome to the NEAR-Fest remotely operated Software Defined Receiver (SDR).  This one covers from 10KHz to 30.0 MHz. 

It is located at the W1RC station in Marblehead Mass.

If mine is down or you want one with a better antenna try Damon WU1T?s SDR in Salem MA, approximately 1.7 miles from my QTH:

Here are the operating instructions:

Here is a database of the SDRs online:

Here is the world map:

Here are more detailed instructions:

The main feature of the KiwiSDR is that it is pretty much ?plug and play?; it has a built-in computer and connects to your router; accessible either on your local network only or via the Internet.  If you want an SDR that connects to your computer and uses software on it you should look at the SDRPlay SDRs also from the UK. Their web site is here:

In the US the SDRPlayreceivers are available from Ham Radio Outlet.  The entry level RSP1A is $125.00. and their top model, the RSPDuo that features two independent tuners, is just under $300.00. 

Still want a KiwiSDR?  There is a shortage right now but I found this one in England.  ?216.63 plus ?18.00 postage.

Have fun and E N J O Y!