Author Topic: Dining at Deerfield - Food Vendors at NEAR-Fest XXXI  (Read 2049 times)

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Dining at Deerfield - Food Vendors at NEAR-Fest XXXI
« on: April 26, 2022, 04:10:09 AM »
Please be advised that there will only be TWO food vendors at NEAR-Fest XXXI this time.  You might want to govern yourself accordingly and bring along some snacks, munchies, chips, soda, candy, etc, because the lines and the wait at both food booths may be longer than usual.

Unfortunately our long-time friend Patty, who runs Patty's Polish Kitchen and Pastarama aka "The Polish Lady" cannot be with us this time.  We did not get much notice.  Patty says she will be back in the Fall with all your favourite Mitteleuropa goodies and her beloved Apple Crips, err, Crisp. 

Carroll Hazen, aka Angelino's, will be back in his usual spot serving his usual menu. 

As many of you know the Deerfield Community Church ladies are no longer opening at our Spring events but hopefully they will be back with us in October.   The good news is that we have Donna's Famous Italian Sausage who will open Friday morning for breakfast through Saturday afternoon.  You may remember Donna was at NEAR-Fest XXX to fill in for the Church Ladies who did not open for either the Fair or for us because of Covid-19. 

Donna has been operating or working at a fair food stand for over fifty years.  She actually makes her own Italian sausage with high quality ingredients which is rare these days.  All her offerings are homemade.  Donna is located down the road from the Church Ladies over by the bathroom building and the Pulling Ring.  Go over to say hi and enjoy something good to eat while you are there.  Be sure to thank her for setting up this time with such short notice and welcome her to NEAR-Fest.  It was quite an effort I assure you.

Going forward we will have three food vendors in the Spring and, because the October event is usually better attended, four in the Fall.  This time we will have to make do with two but it would have been a lot worse with only one.

Thank you, Donna!