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Special Events Station
« on: October 11, 2007, 10:42:03 PM »
Hi !

The weather forecast does not look at all good for Fridayl  :(  I will be coming to the 'fest on Friday, rain or shine, but probably won't be able to get there until after 1:00 due to an unforseen family issues which I have to deal with on Friday morning.  Otherwise, I would be there early in the morning.

However, with the bad weather, this may not be much of a loss.  Usually, I bring the equipment in an open truck.  Obviously, this will not work for this year's 'fest, so I will be using my wife's station wagon, and be operating from the back of the car.  Should be OK, and be a good demo.

Todd was thinking of bringing a vintage transmitter, and I am planning on the class E rig.  We will be able to demonstrate both technologies, assuming Todd is able to bring the other transmitter.  We were planning on one receiver and one antenna for the special events station.

See you there !!!



Todd, KA1KAQ

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Re: Special Events Station
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2007, 12:34:32 PM »
And thanks so much for your efforts, Steve. I saw a number of folks enjoying the Class E station on Saturday.

I had so much going on this time that the Classic Tube station just didn't get the attention it needed. There was also the question of bad wx and shelter needed, along with a few other kinks that still remain to be ironed out.

For those interested, rest assured that we'll have our ducks in a row for May. This will include some kind of tent/awning/shelter to allow operating that station even if the wx doesn't choose to cooperate. After all, if you've attended these events in the northeast for any number of years, you know that we can expect rain at some point, nearly every year.

We just refuse to let the wx dictate whether or not we'll have a good time. ;)

Thanks again, Steve!!