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Now that we're all back home, warm and dry, it's time for the traditional NEAR-Fest "post mortum".  This is the place we solicit your feedback, comments, etc, etc. What did you like?  What didn't you like?  Suggestions for future NEAR-Fests?  Tell us.

This is not a discussion group in which any of the joint chiefs will participate.  However we do read every post so feel free to post anything that you think would be of interest to us.

It will help make NEAR-Fest IV better.


MisterMike and Friends

Hi Mike and Crew,

Not a lot not to like. I think most everything ran smooth. There were a few minor gotchas with traffic flow in the morning, but not unsurmountable. Kinda got overloaded about 0800 or so.
Weather: Although the weather wasn't perfect, our group had a good time. It is spring in New England. Come ready for a little rain and cool temps.
I didn't hear any complaints as I walked around (with the volunteer badge visible.


There are 2 things that come to mind for consideration:

1) Define and mark off a safe "no camping zone" around the entertainment building so the Jamz can go on as long as the band is willing to play without being silenced by nearby campers - who should have known better than to camp there in the first place.

2) Many suggested to us to have visible sign-age posted throughout the grounds that lists the frequencies of, and informs people of local broadcasts being carried at the fest.  Or at least the 2 or 3 major stations which carry programs of interest.  I would also recommend these signs also be placed outside the gates of the grounds so that those waiting in line can hear opening announcements which carry much of this information as well.  For some reason, many people who approached us at the stage did not even know we were even broadcasting on 95.1FM and therefore announcements broadcast over the radio went largely unheard.  Adding Tim's PA greatly helped to solve this problem.  I plan on bringing a dual output MIC preamp so that one MIC can rule them all and then 2 mics won't be needed get stuff on the air and on the radio. 

3) NearFest Mgt should provide a hard copy list of all commercial vendors who donate prizes so that they could have been announced much sooner.  Now that there is a network that is available to the Mgt team, these can be emailed instead as they will end up on the Broadcast computer screen once they are received and can be announced accordingly.  I think this alone can put to rest, a lot of the tail chasing that goes on, and get important up to the minute info to attendees sooner.

4) This is more of a suggestion to benefit attendees:  You might consider carrying a little transistor radio in your shirt pocket and tune to one of the 3 major broadcast stations as you roam about the grounds - even the PA is not heard easily by everyone in all areas, and this makes it possible for you to be kept informed and entertained no matter where on (or off) the grounds you may roam.  This would be the best solution to keeping in touch with what's going on with up to the minute coverage of events.

That's just my .02 worth, hope it helps.

Overall, great time, regardless of the weather and my family really enjoyed it.  Really enjoyed the Jam too, and would like to see more musicians get involved.

Hi Mr Mike,

We all had a great time in our little corner of the Deerfield universe. The weather was ahem, normal.

The security fellow initially had a huge fit over our small charcoal fire pit. "NO OPEN FIRES!!" was his answer to any attempts at reason. He never came back though to review what we had so all went well.

If there was ever a wish, I miss the nice bathrooms and water at Hopkinton!

Thanks for a great event and we'll see you in the fall! ;D



As expected we had a great time.  Thank you for keeping this tradition of a New England radio festival alive.   ;D


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