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Mr. Mike:
I hear that congratulations are in order to you, and your excellent team !
It was nice to meet you in person last year and unfortunately, we could not make
the May event this year, but I can assure you our group will be there in October.
Regards to all and looking forward to seeing you again.

Gary  T
Cape Breton Nova Scotia

On behalf of the entire team I thank you for your support.  We'll look forward to seeing more of those "Bluenose" license plates in the Tailgating" flea market area or parking lot.  Not that the Canabuck" is stronger (or is the US Dollar weaker?) it's not such an expensive journey.  Still, the gasoline costs up there must be horrendous.

Notwithstanding, we are honored by the presence of people who travel "significant distance" to be with us.  It almost seems to me that anyone who travels over 500 miles (800 KM) specifically to attend NEAR-Fest should get in free.

Let me think about this..................



As a person who has enjoyed the hospitality of NEAR-Fest I must say that the mileage issue is one to be discussed.  Unfortunately, the entrance admission would only be a drop in the bucket for gasoline coming 500 miles.  If our guests from Canada use a truck, you figure that the best gas mileage that they could get would be around 22 to 25 miles per gallon.  Guessing that the price of a gallon or imperial gallon will be somewhere around $4.50 to $4.75 per in October.  I'm probably dreaming but let's just say.  500 miles divided by 25 mph equals 20 gallons and that times $4.75 equals $95.10 for one way.  $200.00 for fuel to come to NEAR-Fest.  That's not all the other little incidentals that you need to enjoy the weekend.
This a no brainer!  Waive the admission for travelers of 500 miles.  Obviously, you can change the requirement of miles at your discression, but I say Waive the admission!
Greg W1VFB

If not free, a price reduction on admission seems fair for our friends to the North.

Thanks to all who responded to my post.
I think I can speak for our group and we appreciate the event and the entrance fee is not a problem. We feel  it is a small price to pay for your wonderful event.
Gas by the way is $ 1.32 per liter which is $ 6.14  /Gallon
And we keep electing them............



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