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NEAR-Fest V - Prize List
« on: April 09, 2009, 07:43:08 AM »
Dear NEAR-Fest Attendees:

Here is a PARTIAL list of all the wonderful door prizes we will be giving away at NEAR-Fest V.  The Closing Ceremonies begins at 2:00PM SHARP on Saturday May 2nd 2009 with the Grand and Runner-Up prize drawings following shortly thereafter.

Now, on to the goodies!!!!

The NEAR-Fest V Grand Prize is still to be determined but it will be a goodie and you don't have to be there to win it.

Winner does not have to be present to win.  Please be sure that you have included contact information like your call, telephone number, e-mail address, etc, so we will know where to send your prize if you are a winner.  Stubs are to be deposited in the Prize Drawing barrel located at the Relaxation Grove stage.

"Major" door prizes to be drawn at the Closing Ceremonies.   Again, please note that your presence is NOT required to win.

1.  Courtesy of WEST MOUNTAIN RADIO:  A RIGblaster Plus w/USB valued at $149.95.
2.  RIGtalk USB RIG Control Interface for Icom / Yaesu valued at $61.95, also from WEST MOUNTAIN RADIO

Again, you do not have to be present to win any of the above "major" prizes.

The following prizes will be drawn periodically throughout the hamfest with the winners announced on the two micro-broadcasting stations: 

AM 650 KHz

FM 95.1 MHz

as well as announced on the PA system in the Relaxation Grove.  The winning ticket numbers will also be posted on the board located at the Show Stage in the same area.  Winners (or their representative) are required to present the ticket with the winning number.   Please note:  Any prizes not claimed by 2:00 PM Saturday will be given away by draw at the Closing Ceremony.    

Here is the lineup:

1.  A certificate good for a One Year subscription to CQ Magazine.... Courtesy of Gail Scheiber, K2RED, CQ Magazine Managing Editor.

2. Gail also sent us a certificate for a year's subscriotion to CQ VHF Magazine.

3. Larsen magnetic mount with a NMO (Motorola) mount) courtesy of C & B Electronics

4. Larsen magnetic mount with a UHF mount) courtesy of KJI Electronics

5. A CW Touch keyer donated by CW Touch Keyer.


7.  A $25.00 gift certificate for a NIFTY Quick Referene guide for Kenwood, Yaesu or ICOM radios.

8.  From Byron Johnson of Johnson and Associates and Larsen Antennas:   A Larsen mobile antennas  complete with either Mag Mount or through the roof mount.  Winner gets a certificate from Larsen for their choice or antenna:  GPS, PCS,VHF,UHF, 800.   If Byron has the antenna they want at his booth they may pick it up immediately; otherwise it will be send directly from Larson. 

8. A certificate redeemable for a custom coffee mug or hat with callsign and name courtesy of Curiosity Sales.

9.  $25.00 gift certificate from Dave at Battery Tech.

Given the above it would be to your advantage to deposit your ticket stubs in the barrel located in the Relaxation Grove as soon as you arrive. 

Please see the program schedule for more details.

Good luck in the drawings and have fun at the 'Fester!.