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New Staff Appointments
« on: August 05, 2009, 06:52:52 PM »
I am happy to announce a couple of staff appointments. 

First of all, meet my old friend, Tony Pazzola, W2BEJ, NEAR-Fest Forums Chairman.  We may not know him too well here in New England but go to the New York Capital District and everybody knows Tony! You can contact Tony at

Also I have asked Ken Rust, KB1PRV to act as our representative on the Planetarium Project.  Although the station has been on-the-air since May 2008 there has been a delay in getting the station up to it's full potential on HF qas well as weak-signal VHF/UHF satellites.  On our part, we have had the complete antenna and rotator system in-house for over a year but the Planetarium was not ready for it.   This is due to a few reasons, none more significant than the new building that was erected in the interim.  Since the new building is being used to hold up the mast and antennas we had no choice but to wait completion of the structure. 

However the new building is finished and open to the world so work on the antenna system has resumed in earnest.  I am hoping that all work will be complete and the station will have full capabilities by Labor Day.

Ken is a well-experienced Project Manager in the Construction trade with many completed jobs all over the world from Saudi Arabia to Viet-Nam.  I am confident the skillset Kenny brings to the job makes him perfect for this and I am particularly pleased that Kenny will oversee the project.

Finally, Joe Areyzaga, K1JGA, will be our Campground Manager for the Thursday night $20.00 (tax included) Camp-Fest.  He's done so well at taking care of things the past few NEAR-Fests we thought we'd make it official.

Welcome aboard, guys!