Author Topic: NEAR-Fest VII Grand Prize  (Read 4533 times)

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NEAR-Fest VII Grand Prize
« on: April 09, 2010, 06:30:43 AM »
The Grand Prize will be a FLEX-RADIO-1500 Software-Defined radio.  Actually it will be a certificate that will be exchanged for the actual radio once they are in production sometime in May.

Flex is working very hard to have them ready for sale at Dayton.

We thank Gregg at Flex-Radio for giving us a really great deal on the FLEX-1500 for our grand prize at NEAR-Fest VII.  They will have a table inside the Commercial Building so you can check out their other outstanding SDRs, the Flex-5000 and the Flex-3000.

Remember: You do NOT have to be present to win.