Author Topic: NEAR-FEST VII GEMOTO Frequency Guide All are welcome!  (Read 6385 times)

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NEAR-FEST VII GEMOTO Frequency Guide All are welcome!
« on: April 24, 2010, 09:43:21 PM »
On site: And all are welcome to join us!
GEMOTO 900 On Site Repeater (WA1NVC) 927.5875out 100.0  902.5875in 131.8  (most active) HEARCLEAR on!
GEMOTO/PRA UHF Simplex 446.200S 131.8
GEMOTO Cool kids with P25 448.775S Nac353
Deerfield Genral Area (and serving fairgrounds):
927.6875R 88.5/CS Deerfield W1ASS
443.850 Epson NH W1ASS 88.5  <--- amazing foot print
NEARfest official TALK In 146.700 88.5
In route in NH:
443.850 Epson NH W1ASS 88.5 (Covers the whole route well into MA for those without 6m)
53.070Rout 100.0 Uncanoonuc 52.07in 71.9 HopkingtonMA receiver, 52.07in 151.4 DerryNH reciever for those with 6m
53.77 Gunstock 71.9 (widest area coverage but a little spotty near fair grounds.. Unk is right down the road)
Goffstown/UNK NH 927.7125R
On the Way Up Thru MA:
Georgetown MA 927.7250R 100.0
Goffstown/UNK NH 53.07R 52.03in DerryIn151.4 HopIn71.9
Framingham MA 53.27R 71.9 100.0 (OFF AIR used to cover all the way to the fairgrounds..)
Westborough MA 448.7750R P25NAC353 or D244
Waltham 449.075 CS (active till nh border area then switch to Epson)

Waltham 146.6400S NAC293
Westborough MA 448.7750R NAC353