Author Topic: TECHNICIAN Licence Online Study and Crash Review Course Available at NEAR-Fest  (Read 6191 times)

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Mitch, W1SJ sent me this information:


Ham Class Instructor Mitch W1SJ is offering a Prep Course just prior to the Exam Session at Nearfest, Saturday, May 1. The course will run Saturday morning, 7:30 AM until 10:30 AM. The Exam session will start at 11.

Students must enroll in this course prior to the class date. Upon enrollment, each student will receive a course workbook and access to the On-Line Class. Students will have to provide their own textbook- The Gordon West Technician Class book. Using the on-line course, workbook and text book, students will pre-study the material before the prep course. The combination of pre-study and class room discussion will prepare students for the exam.

The Prep Course is $69.00 which includes 3 hours of class and unlimited use of the on-line class web site. To enroll, contact Mitch W1SJ at 802-8790-6589 or at


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Re: TECHNICIAN Licence Online Study Review Course Available at NEAR-Fest
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2010, 08:00:10 PM »
Hey potential new hamsters!

If you are thinking about taking this course, think less and sign up now! Only 7 days left. There will be no opportunity to "walk-in" to the course since you need to be doing some studying prior to class time.

This course was designed specifically with Near-Fest in mind. It comprises 3 parts:
1. Access to the On-Line Technician Class where you "go to school" at home
2. Copy of the Technician Class workbook with the course outline and study guide
3. Classroom discussion of the key points of the Technician study guide and review of problem areas

The class runs 7:30 until 10:30 Saturday morning. (Yes, I know that is early!!) When the class is over, stay in your seat, and the Examiners will walk you through the exam process and your license will magically appear in a few days.

And when you finish the test, run outside - you have a little time left to buy STUFF!

Again, this doesn't happen unless you enroll NOW. Don't put off something important like HAM RADIO until later!  Get yourself and a loved one in the CLASS!

Details on this course are at:

To enroll, call me at 802-879-6589 and I'll walk you through the enrollment.
Or else, go to the above page and there is an express enrollment site where you can get enrolled quickly!

See you in class!
Mitch W1SJ
Or if you want

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Re: TECHNICIAN Licence Online Study Course Available at NEAR-Fest
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2010, 01:45:14 PM »
Time is running out to get enrolled into the Technician Prep Course at Near-Fest VII.

There won't be much of an opportunity to walk-in to this class, so you need to enroll now.

If you a planning to go for your Tech license, this is the perfect set of tools to learn all those details you need to be a ham!  The course includes:

Access to On-Line Course - like having the class come to you!
3 Hour Review Session before exams 7:30-10:30 AM Saturday. Perfect time to focus in on those
topics which still have you puzzled.

The course is $69.
To enroll, call me at 802-879-6589, or go directly to:
to express enroll on-line.

Don't delay - See you in Class!
Mitch W1SJ