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Firearms at Deerfield/NEAR-Fest
« on: May 02, 2010, 07:55:29 AM »
Note: This thread grew out of a discussion on an unrelated topic and I thought it should have its own header.

I've seen questions being asked if it's OK to "open carry" @ Deerfield.
For those of you who do not know what that means, you'll be OK.
But for those of you who do understand the meaning, I can assure you that it is "Not OK"!!
I will notch that up a step and say "No firearms of any kind are allowed on the Fair Grounds".

Think Gd WX

Ed / N1IWV

On a personal note, NEAR-Fest is not the place to carry.  Whether we are open minded, closed minded, in favor of control or not why in the world would you want or need to carry??? ??? ???
I agree with Mr. Mike and his staff.

A simple answer to the question..... NO

If you are so afraid, stay at home!!

I'm not sure how to explain this to you. People carry because there is no way of knowing when or where you might find yourself in danger. If someone always knew where and when there would be trouble, then they would simply avoid that place at that time.
The fact is, there is no way to know every potentially dangerous situation before it happens, and one may find oneself in a dangerous situation anywhere at any time.
Police carry guns at all times for exactly this reason; there is simply no way to say, with 100% absolute certainty, that there is no chance of a dangerous situation developing.
That's just the answer to your question of "why". I'll counter with the question: Why not? What is the problem with carrying?   (FWIW, I don't carry)

I'll avoid the "right to keep and bear arms" argument for now.

Lets drop this subject. This is not the place for a debate. :-\

This is an Amateur Radio Flea Market (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

The rules are set. Let's abide by them, have fun and enjoy the company. ;)

Ignoring a problem doesn't solve it. It only leaves it to fester.
But fine, I'll drop it. See you all there.

That's just the answer to your question of "why". I'll counter with the question: Why not? What is the problem with carrying?.......(FWIW, I don't carry) I'll avoid the "right to keep and bear arms" argument for now.
This is not going to be a Second Amendment argument or discussion.  If someone has a the proper permit to carry a concealed weapon and elects to do so while on Fairgrounds property we won't know about it and it isn't an issue.  To the best of my knowledge there are no rules set down by the Fair Association regarding carrying concealed weapons on their property.  However now that the question has been raised I will inquire and if there are any such restrictions we will advise everyone of what they are and request compliance.

NEAR-Fest is neither Pro gun nor Anti-gun. We are an amateur radio festival.  I live in a state that allows its residents to carry loaded firearms openly or concealed without a permit.  I cannot recall the last time I saw anyone carrying openly except a uniformed police officer and only one person I know carries a pistol concealed at all times.

Regardless, it's the open carry issue that is at question as it relates to NEAR-Fest.   Some people may find the sight of openly displayed sidearms upsetting or disconcerting.  Frankly I am asking myself why would anyone need to carry a firearm at a hamfest except to show it off.  Does anyone feel their safety is threatened here?  We do not think displaying sidearms or in fact firearms of any kind is indicative of the atmosphere at NEAR-Fest we are attempting to foster and consequently we are simply asking people not to do it.  We feel that this is a reasonable request and we expect our attendees to respect our wishes and govern themselves accordingly.

MisterMike, W1RC